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Vote for Tegtmeier


October 13, 2022

In this divisive world of politics there is an election at the regional level that seems to have heated up. The race between newcomer Elizabeth Tegtmeier and Incumbent Robin Stevens is turning quite spicy.

Robin Stevens seems to think showing up late to the game and throwing darts is a winning strategy. He and his campaign surrogates have decided attacking Elizabeth has a better chance of winning than his record.

People became very involved in the Nebraska State School Board race due to the CRT and SEL curriculum being promoted by the board and its specialists. Elizabeth decided to step up and challenge the incumbent, who did nothing to stop this promotion of sexualizing children.

As citizens, we saw groups form because of people like Mr. Stevens, such as Protect Nebraska Children. We watch the school board meetings on line and saw our friends stand up to protect our children. And, Robin, the same old thing… voting in right in step with the liberal agenda.

Over the past two years I have gotten to know Elizabeth Tegtmeier. She is the leader we need to represent us and our shared values. She has experience. She has taught in public schools, parochial schools, and homeschooled her own children. I have watched her interact with a superintendent of a small district discussing the issues facing education. She wants to find solutions and work toward the future by finding available resources for results.

Mr. Stevens seems to underestimate the power of mama bears. When word got out what he and his liberal counterparts were trying to do to children in Nebraska people were really angry. And when confronted, he did nothing. He needs to run on his record, which is not good for Nebraska families,

I urge you to first get out and vote on November 8th and please cast your vote for Elizabeth Tegtmeier for District 7 Nebraska State School Board.


Christine Vail, Ogallala, Neb.


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