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Erdman's Bill "Pitiable and Lacked Empathy"

Just for the record, would the Nebraska legislative district 47 voters who influenced Senator Steve Erdman to limit Nebraskans to election day voting only (with few exceptions); asked him to request that the Unicameral be changed to a two house bicameral; and sought a dangerous, untested consumption tax to replace all other government revenues, please step forward and identify themselves? And while we're at it, would those who followed his advice and used hydroxychloriquine as a treatment or preventative for Covid 19 during the recent pandemic kindly raise their hands? And lastly, would those...


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Ringo writes:

Mr. Holscher, You obviously are not one of Senator Ermdan's supporters as he has been working on these same issues for 6 years. He is not changing his direction he is intensifying it. His Epic Tax proposal is revolutionary and comprehensive. We do not need to identify ourselves to you, a liberal filled with anger. You are so out of touch with the majority of his constituents that you have no clue what is going on... We see your hateful letter and we know you are just venting liberal anger. ha