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By Barbara Perez
Publisher, Sun-Telegraph 

Stop Waiting for "Someone Else" to Step Up


Everyone has an opinion.

When it comes to change, however, it would seem not everyone has a voice. Not one they want to use anyways.

It is curious how big and brave people can be from behind a keyboard. Demanding answers, screaming for change but when the need arises for their voices to be heard, it is instead replaced with the sound of crickets.

There have been some very reasonable questions being asked in our community regarding a variety of issues within our county. Bullying at the schools, property crimes going unsolved and, at the top of the list, injuries to a young Sidney man on the night of our local Oktoberfest last year.

The main question I see being asked over and over is, "Why isn't anyone reporting on this?"

The answer is simple: because no one wants to get involved and actually talk with us. It isn't just the police department who made it very clear-both in-person and over the phone-that the chief's official comment will be "no comment". It has also happened with people close to the victim.

We are getting put off over and over when it comes to interviews. As a responsible media outlet, we can't just whimsically conjure up stories, create comments and assess a solution from thin air. We have to speak with those involved and separate fact from fiction. We can't do that if no one will talk with us.

I know for a fact people are aware of us wanting to speak with people involved.

A prominent FB group focused on bringing change to Sidney has repeatedly encouraged residents to come to us with information on this or other incidents in the community. Although the comment sections are filled with, "I know someone who knows something" and "I will reach out to them", no one has.

As editor of this paper, I have made it very clear that we are here. Talk to us. We are ready and willing to take this as far as it needs to go in order to uncover the truth. I am usually met with "I don't want to give you my name" or "I will have such-and-such person get a hold of you" and yet nobody contacts us. You can be kept anonymous in the final products, should you choose, but we have to know who it is we are talking to and your connection to the events.

There are people in this town with actual information. People who can get the ball rolling into why evidence is being buried, "misplaced", and flat out denied access to. But someone has to be the first to stand up and say "enough is enough".

Enough with innuendo, gossip and hearsay, so the actual truths can be revealed. When, and if, those people decide the truth is more important than their fear, we will be here for you.

We have been here all along. Barbara Perez


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