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City to begin pesticide treatment

With spring approaching, pesticide treatment marker flags will begin showing up on front lawns of those homeowners who contract with lawn services. Spring time is also the beginning of lawn treatment season at your city parks, greenspaces, cemetery, and golf course. For the past six years the treatment of city property with herbicides and fertilizers has been contracted out to a local lawn service. Pesticide treatment marker flags are put out with each application from April to September.

As part of the contract, Cranmore Lawn and Land Services is required to identify treated lawns with colored flags. These flags notify the Parks Department that areas are getting treated in a timely manner, and notify the public of lawn treatments. The flags used in the park are posted on a wire stem about 20 inches long. The colored vinyl flags are 4 inches square. The flags are placed in conspicuous locations and at common entrances. In a public setting, like a walking trail, access can be achieved from many locations, so it is important that you check common entrances if you are concerned about lawn treatment applications. As a practical matter, main entrances are the most suitable to mark with flags. The flags announce: “Pesticide Application” and name the company applying and their phone number. The posted sign goes on to warn the public to keep pets and children off the lawns until the product has dried. It recommends when to return to watering and mowing. Each of these treatment markers is labeled with the date of application. The treatment typically dries in the sun and open air in an hour or two.

As you enjoy your city parks, ballfields, and greenspaces, keep an eye out for lawn treatment operations and the flags indicating treated lawns.


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