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No Pressure, Only Pleasure at Spring Fever 5k Walk

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Barbara Perez, Sun-Telegraph

Perfection is not required in the upcoming Spring Fever 5k walk, hosted by Take Back Health and Fitness in Sidney.

The "K" component of the 5K distance represents the metric distance of a kilometer, so a 5K is 5,000 meters. For Americans who are more accustomed to miles, this converts to roughly 3.1 miles. In a standard 5k run the length of time it takes to complete depends on the pace at which you are moving. Many beginning runners aim to maintain somewhere in the 9 to 14 minutes-per-mile range, which will result in a 5K time of somewhere between 27 and 43 minutes. However for this 5k walk, no one will be officially timed.

Kalena Seamen, personal trainer at Take Back Health and Fitness, said the idea of this event is meant to give participants an opportunity to participate in a 5K event without the intimidation factor that often comes with a timed race. 

There's zero expectation that you have to be an athlete. "You don't have to be competitive about it, you don't have to be a runner to enjoy exercise. There will be no pressure, no prizes, just an fun opportunity for people to get together. For some, they just want another person to walk with, and this gives them the opportunity to be outside, enjoying the fresh air and enjoying the company of like-minded individuals".

Amanda Bauer, owner of Take Back Health and Fitness, located at 920 10th Avenue in Sidney, opened the doors in 2019. Their main clientele are those aged 65 and over, although Kalena said they have members of all fitness levels and ages.

Take Back Health and Fitness also organizes the obstacle course event being held this year on June 10th at Sidney Gold Rush days.

This event will be held on Saturday, April 8, beginning at 8am at the Shelter House in Sidney's Legion Park.

If you would like to sign up for this free event, or just want more information, you can call (308) 203-1530 or email [email protected].


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