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Plans and dreams – starting in childhood and lasting through all our lives we dream and make plans. In grade school I dreamed about being the best artist in my class. Didn't happen and I'm still a lousy artist. When I got into high school I dreamed about becoming the star basketball player and being on the honor roll, too. Made honor roll in my junior and senior years, but I couldn't dribble worth an "expletive deleted". I dreamed of going to college and being #1 on the dean's list, then after graduating I'd have a high paying job so I could buy a big fancy house and a $100,000 dollar sports car (non-electric of course). Nope. This didn't happen either. I got drafted. Then I dreamed of marrying my dream gal. Fortunately this one came true!

Then after 50 years of working at my dream job I was going to retire and do all the other things my wife and I wanted to do. Then when our kids were all grown and had flown the nest, we would have the time to relax and be ready to catch up on all the things my wife and I dreamed about doing. Even before the wedding ceremony we dreamed and made plans about what our life together would be like.

Lots of dreams and lots of plans and once in a great great while a dream would come true. Most of the time they didn't. I first planned to be a famous architect. But I couldn't afford the colleges I would have to attend. Then I planned on making a career in the the Navy and retiring with a high rank. But I was medically discharged before finishing my first tour. Dreamed and planned on making a lot of money in the commercial printing and newspaper business. We went bankrupt when the local farm economy in our area sank.

Dorothy dreamed of getting a degree in medical coding, but various life threatening illnesses prevented her from completing the courses. (For the most part, according to the records I have, Dorothy was a straight A student!) She had numerous dreams of overcoming her physical limitations. But medical complications eventually overcame her and she is now with Jesus and our heavenly Father.

I've dreamed of becoming a famous published author in the fields of science fiction and history. Still working on those. Writing these short pieces for the Sidney Sun-Telegraph is as close as I've come. You can make your own decision on which category they fit!

But none of that stopped Dorothy and I from dreaming, planning and striving. One of the things Dorothy and I accomplished was to provide a living model for our children and grand children. Some of the things we've done turned out to be something we should have avoided. In spite of our best efforts we went bankrupt – losing our business, our home and just about every thing else. Others turned out okay. We helped my parents start up a brand new and successful newspaper in Nevada. It's still going strong. Look it up on line... the Humboldt Sun.

These days there are people who seem to believe that society and government owe them something that will make their dreams and desires come true. Unfortunately there are many in government who think they can spend enough of your money to continue fooling people into believing that their version of government will bring about paradise on earth.

Unfortunately their version of paradise will place the majority of us outside the gates of the coddled rich and famous – hungry and cold.

I believe it is better to be honest and self reliant. At least I can hold my head high knowing I did my best and got where I am by relying on the good Lord's help rather than a power hungry government.

Sometimes you have to grow up, be brave and make choices – and then be strong willed enough to take the consequences. The alternative is nothing you want.


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