The Sidney Sun-Telegraph introduces its newest reporter, Daiana Greene


August 24, 2023

Staff Report, Sun-Telegraph

SIDNEY - Originally from Luján, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Daiana (pronounced Diana) Greene currently resides in Kimball County. Although new to newspaper journalism, Greene says her whole life has revolved around literature. She discovered a passion for writing at a young age and in 2017, she began publishing her books professionally. A native Spanish speaker, she is also fluent in English and Italian. To-date, she has had nine books published in both Spanish and Italian and has begun having them translated into English.

In 2019 she started her own publishing company "Volcánica" in Argentina and ran it until its closing in 2022 when Daiana immigrated to the United States to be with her husband Jackson who resides in Kimball County.

Warm and friendly, Daiana is definitely a people person. "I love talking to people, I love meeting them. Everyone has a story and I'd like to help get them out there".

Sun-Telegraph's Editor Barbara Perez said of Greene, "She has a personality that is truly unique. Her inner joy is so genuine that it just radiates around her. You find yourself just wanting to spend time around her and soak it up."

Her joy comes forward despite heartache. When Greene was only 8 years old, her mother Alicia went fully blind, an event that changed their entire lives. At first unable to handle the situation, they found a way to cope in spending time together. Greene would read books to her mom for hours on end, and this evolved into writing stories together. Words were their shelter. Shortly after, her mom began a career in journalism, in which Daiana got very involved in helping her mother.

Her mother Alicia was producing a radio program called "Volver a Empezar" ("Starting Over"), and her main objective with the show was to share her personal life experience and thereby encourage her audience to never give up.

Apart from writing, her vision and ambition is to take her talent for words to other fields. She has dabbled in the worlds of animation, comics, audio-books and video games. She was also working toward her Doctorate degree in Microbiology before coming to the United States.

When asked about the adjustment to rural life in Nebraska after living on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, Greene answered, "Living in a small community is much more cozy, but I had to learn to drive. Argentina has a terrific mass-transit system, so I never needed a car let alone learn to drive one. My husband taught me to drive and at 32 years old, I finally received my license".

We encourage the community to warmly welcome her and say hello should you see her. Editor Perez says this comes with a jovial word of caution, "She is so easy to talk to and such a joy to be around, that you may start with a simple 'hello' and before you know it, 45 minutes have gone by without realizing it!"


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