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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I don’t normally do this, write a letter to the editor that is. But I wanted to give you a public show of support and to thank you for the opinion piece “Community Arbi-Traitors” that ran last week in this paper.

It’s about time people start getting more vocal. I am so sick of hearing about that group everywhere I go. I haven’t heard one positive thing by anyone, and it sure does seem like they only exist to stir a pot. Fortunately, I do not watch them on Facebook, but I do share mutual friends who screen shot their articles and conversations in the comments section with us in email and messages.

At first it was a little bit funny, like “look at these jokers”, but it is getting more and more serious by what they are claiming they intend to do. As many have stated, they have been wrong so many times and they lie to cover it up, meanwhile people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, especially when they have bones in their own closets.

Many is the business I have been in where not just employees, but actual owners have voiced their distrust and dislike for what this group is doing, but also say they are afraid to say anything publicly or online because they attack anyone who disagrees with them and they threten (sic) people’s livelihoods with calls to stop doing business with them, like they did your paper. Bravo to you for speaking out to address the rude (and incorrect) things they wrote about the paper. And I think that is also why when I read your piece outloud at a local coffee shop, there was actual cheers from those within earshot.

Keep doing what you are supposed to, Sun-Telegraph, being the voice of the people. I want to encourage everyone who has had a conversation about these people to write in and express their true feelings about the matters at hand with this group. Maybe these fools will finally get the hint and move on.

R. Fehringer, Sidney


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