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 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    April 13, 2016

Letter to the Editor - Reader: Developer should pay

Dear Editor: I would like to know why the taxpayer has to pay for the Pole Creek Cross Rd. That was not an existing street or a road between Greenwood and Fort Sidney roads before they started to develop that land. Therefore, since it is on land...

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    March 11, 2016

Letter To The Editor - Reader: Why against it?

Dear Editor, I want to thank Mr. Arterburn and Mr. Galloway for reminding the council that the 1/2 cent sales tax being collected is to be used for street improvements, not new construction. So why are the other three against the use of the tax... Full story

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    February 18, 2016

Letter To The Editor - The Hose Monster

Dear Editor, I see they want a name for the water park. As much as the taxpayers are being hosed on this project and how big it is, they need to call it The Hose Monster.  Jack Schilling Sidney...

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    January 13, 2016

Letter To The Editor - Reader: Council should seek voter approval on water park funding

Dear Editor, The city council is going to vote at the next council meeting on borrowing money to pay for the water park. They want $4 million but by the time they add everything in and to it, it will probably be over $5 million. Question? What right... Full story

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    December 30, 2015

Letter To The Editor - Reader concerned about Cabela's

Dear Editor, I see that the city is having trouble finding funds for the aquatic center, which now is being called the new swimming pool. Before they float a bond or go in debt $4 million by borrowing the money and wanting the tax payers to pay the b... Full story

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    October 29, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Use funds to repair streets

Dear Editor, I have read the letters from Larry Nelson and Rita Hart and agree with both of them. I have heard the walking trails along 11th Avenue (which nobody knows how that got approved) and around Cabela’s new pond was paid for with tax dollar... Full story

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    September 22, 2015

Letter To The Editor: If the money goes to the pool, how will our streets get fixed?

Dear Editor: The City Council will be selecting a new city manager soon. I hope they will pick one who will listen to the people and taxpayers of Sidney and stop this wasteful spending and overspending on projects. In 2012, the voters approved a... Full story

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    January 13, 2015

Letter to the Editor: Put focus on fixing streets, not building a water park

Dear Editor, We are starting a new year and our council will be working on the new water park. I would like to remind council that back in November 2012, the voters voted for a ½-cent sales tax to help pay for our deteriorating streets, a new... Full story

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    November 21, 2014

Letter to the Editor: New school should be K-6

Dear Editor, I see the school board wants to have another election for a new elementary school. Are they going to keep having elections until they get the count to come out right? They keep wanting a K-4 school. It should be a K-6 with room for... Full story

 By Jack Schilling    Opinion    November 10, 2014

Letter to the Editor: Pool shouldn't get priority over the streets

Dear Editor, I have seen the new swimming pool layout in the newspaper and would like to know who added all of the additions to it? Two years ago, the voters went to the polls and passed a half-cent sales tax that was going to help pay for our deteri... Full story