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President Obama drew a line, with very little thought what would happen if the government in Syria ignored him.

We, the people of the United States, don’t need to become involved anymore than we already are in the Middle East. We shouldn’t just walk but run as fast as we can to get out and let all the different sect’s of Islam settle their differences.   

It appears everyone in Washington DC is experiencing a loss of memory. Isn’t this how we became involved in Vietnam?  We sent supplies, then advisor and before the public realized what was happening we were in a full scale war that no one could bring themselves to call a war.

If we want to draw lines in the sand let them all know that they should not cause the United States to become involved.

I’m too old to worry about fighting anymore wars but the younger men and women are the ones that will be involved and the decision makers in Washington DC have not been solving too many problems lately.

The young men and women and their parents’ should let congress and the president know we don’t want to be fighting in the Middle East for the next 100 years.  

Recent events here in the United States have demonstrated that is what we would end up doing.

Floyd Shepherd,

Peetz, Colo.


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