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Next week I'll officially be in my late 20s.

Hopefully my face doesn't fall off and I won't soon have to seek help with basic everyday tasks.

Just joking folks, as a former caregiver to the elderly I know 26 isn't actually that old, but it'll be the oldest I've ever been. Many people my age might lament the passage of time or look back on high school with fondness. Not this girl. Although I am starting to feel the ravages of time in some aspects of my life, I generally find my mid-20s to be a positive time.

I used to be able to drink all night and wake up feeling chipper, not so much anymore but that's probably good for my body and my budget.

I'm glad to be past the phase in which I resent my parents and can't be honest with them. I lead a pretty upstanding life at this point, but even if I think my parents won't approve of my actions, I'm not going to keep anything important in my life from them. I'm 25 and completely financially independent, what are they going to do, scold me? I'm not going to lie, that feels good.

Even though I've had a few white (no, not gray but bright, very noticeably blinding white) hairs for a while, I am still sometimes mistaken for a teenager, to both my delight and confusion. Though I'd rather be taken seriously, and not be thought of as a teeny bopper or someone fresh out of college who has no clue what they're doing, it's nice to know I don't look my age.

At this point in my life, I can hope that I'll never have to worry about fitting in ever again. Although I did make some very close friends in high school and in college, I've always been kind of a weirdo who worried if she would ever find people who understood her. At this point, I'm not concerned about that. I'm going to keep being the oddball that I am, and if people seem interested in being around that, fine, If not I'm cool with that too. The days of hanging with people just to have someone to be around are long gone and I am quite pleased about it.

Even thought I'm starting to get spider veins on my legs, I'm glad I can appreciate small things in life like that first life affirming gulp of coffee in the morning or curling up with a good book instead of looking for excitement at every single turn. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a night out or any new experience, but it doesn't need to happen constantly.

I know so much more now than I did even a few years ago. I was an irresponsible kid with not too many worries when I was 20. Boy has that changed. Although I'm very glad for the wisdom, intelligence and cunning I've acquired in the past few years, worry is something that hitched a ride with those and that one's not too fun. I guess it's the price of growing up.

I have always been a messy person, mindlessly throwing things to the floor after I walk in the door following a long day. Now an hour or two later I notice the clutter and it bothers me. This coming from a girl who once found a cup full of milk turned the consistency of yogurt underneath her bed. I might not clean up my apartment immediately (who has the time?) but it happens now with regularity.

My new elder (haha) status has also come with some questionable traits. I'm not a big fan of teenage fads and actually tend to find many (not all) teenagers unbearably annoying. I know that I must have been the same way as a kid, but why would anyone ever eat a spoonful of cinnamon or use a tampon soaked in vodka? Was I really ever that stupid? The answer is probably yes.

Some might lament the years gone by or the small lines starting to show themselves around mouths and eyes. For some strange reason, I only have a line on one side of my own mouth. Apparently I smile and talk in a very lopsided fashion. I am pleased for the moment with where I am.

I'm happier than I was in my early 20s and much more self sufficient. I enjoy life more now than I did then and find satisfaction in hard work. If I don't fall asleep exhausted at the end of a day, I feel lazy.

Some might find going into their late 20s scary, but I'm alright with it. I know there is much more to learn and do and experience. Even though my looks might start to fade and I might soon look like the crypt keeper there are other things to look forward to.


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