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Letter to the Editor: Student loan solution still missing


Dear Editor,

The total owed on student loans in this country has now passed $1 trillion. The federal government will make a profit of at least $66 billion this year.

Recently, the U.S. Senate took up a bill to allow some students to renew some higher rate loans so to lower their interest rate. It failed to pass.

Have you wondered why you haven’t hear from the U.S. Surgeon General while this Ebola crisis continues?

What do these two things have in common?

Both of Nebraska’s U.S. Senators voted against the student loan bill. Why?

We have not had a surgeon general for some time. The appointment has been blocked in the U.S. Senate.

Both of our senators have been part of a group to block appointments to the surgeon general, ambassadors and judges to court vacancies.

Mr. Sasse has indicated pride in our current senators and he will continue to block Washington moves.

Seven of my grandchildren are working with student loans and, like many others, will be for some time.

Mr. Domina is very concerned about the effect student loans will have on these young people and how it will affect the entire economy for a long time.

Students at UNL might have wanted to ask Mr. Sasse about his position on student loans, but of course, he didn’t show up. Apparently, taking questions is not his thing.

How does blocking government functions serve the people of Nebraska? 

Francis Olson

Lincoln, Neb.


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