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By Scott Bartak
Kearney, Neb. 

Letter To The Editor: America wasn't founded on some kind of 'mistake'


Dear Editor:

Well the polls are out and it’s ugly – only 31 percent of the country thinks we are headed in the right direction.

Could it be that “headed in the wrong direction” was a by-product of this: local school textbooks teaching pages and pages of Darwinian evolution without one single word to question it, while at the same promoting animosity toward the views of our founding fathers in the Declaration of Independence who said we are “created by our creator with certain unalienable rights?”

The unfortunate position of too many in our school systems is that America was founded on a “mistake” that needs to be “corrected.” Also unfortunate is how they use underhanded and unethical methods of presentation to convince future generations.

You use your own tax money to promote animosity towards the foundations of your own country? You have been handed a great system on a silver plate and yet you rail against it? You fight against basic principles of ethics and fairness that most people should have been raised with? You work to squelch free speech and free inquiry? You actively use your own schools as weapons in the culture war to promote an anti-American agenda?

It is way, way past time to start taking your country back from these extreme views. It is time for people to start using their constitutionally protected freedom of speech to start restoring dignity to this ethically bankrupt system.

Perhaps someday the American people will pause their egos, swallow their pride and simply come to acknowledge the one thing the enlightened have known all along – that the founding fathers weren’t that ignorant after all.

Scott Bartak

Kearney, Neb.


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