By C.J. Cornelius

Letter to the Editor: 'Global warming' least of Obama's concerns


Dear Editor:

With the current fiasco in Iraq and Syria, the President is telling the Coast Guard and the American public that the real problem we are facing is “global warming.” The mess in Iraq is his problem and he can no longer blame it on G.W. Bush.

Tell this fable to those families who have lost loved-ones or who are living with service men who have been injured for life in the Iraq war which was won only to have been foolishly abandoned by our Commander in Chief over the objections of his military advisors, and even now is attempting to come to an agreement with the Iranians who have abrogated every treaty they have ever entered into in the past. He contributes daily to global warming by sneaking a smoke, a habit that he has been unable to overcome.

I would suggest to you that impeachment is not the answer since it would leave in place all of his nefarious executive orders, but if it can be established that he is not a U.S. born citizen, then all of those orders are null and void.

How is it possible that we could have allowed him to run for the presidency without being properly vetted? Global warming be darned! There are some real problems facing the world today and it is time we faced up to them honestly.

Dr. C.J. Cornelius ~ Sidney


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