Chief gets jail time

Wilkinson's no-contest plea draws 30 days behind bars


Sidney Police Chief B.J. Wilkinson was sentenced to 30 days in jail on Friday morning after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor charge of obstructing government operations.

Twelfth District County Court Judge Paul Wess ordered Wilkinson to begin his jail sentence on Aug. 3 at the Cheyenne County Jail.

An appeal bond was set at $500. As of Friday afternoon, the bond had not been posted. If filed, the appeal bond would delay the jail term until a judgment on an appeal in the case was made.

Wilkinson was arraigned earlier this spring on a single charge that stems from an incident that occurr...

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Reader Comments

guest01 writes:

Police are sworn. They havena higher duty under the law. The chief decided not to follow the law. Judge did the correct thing. Jut, just to prove how widespread the problem is, that cops are either ignorant of the law...or feel they are above it as the chief demonstrated, a deputy arbitrarily decides who can enter the courtroom. We have a serious problem in this country...and cops are part of it.

Unbelievable writes:

It is sad, but this has been a reoccurring trend in Sidney, putting people in jail for non criminal issues. You would think jail is a place for criminals, but not in Sidney Nebraska. This town has become a joke. Look at how corrupt some of the probation officers are, some of them are worse than the criminals in Sidney. It's no wonder good people don't want to stay here and move away!

SadnSidney writes:

I mean do disrespect to the Judge, but if I am reading correctly, he is serving jail time basically because he is NOT a criminal.


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