Goats, lambs and swine tagged for county fair


Anthony Ruiz

Mike Beyer, lamb and goat co-superintendent for Cheyenne County, tags the ear of a lamb belonging to his 15-year-old son, Matthias, during Monday's mandatory tagging and weigh-in for the upcoming county fair.

Dozens of exhibitors brought their market lamb, goat and swine projects to the Cheyenne County fairgrounds late Monday afternoon for the mandatory tagging and weigh-in for the upcoming Cheyenne County Fair and Rodeo.

Nebraska Extension Educator Cynthia Gill said the weigh-in is typically held a couple of months prior to the fair so exhibitors have a baseline to measure daily growth in their projects. Unfortunately, the scale was damaged after it took a tumble during the sudden rainfall earlier in the afternoon.

"We dropped it, and it's not working anymore," Gill said.

While the weigh-in was not performed, the livestock were still tagged and recorded by fair officials.

"They had to come today in order to show at fair in the market classes," Gill said.

Gill said the exhibitors will send in affidavits in June to verify ownership of the animals. They must also complete quality assurance training by June 15.

Cattle were tagged and weighed in back in February.

"It was actually on the second weekend because the first was snowed out," Gill said.

Monday's tagging is the final before the county fair, which will be held at the fairgrounds in Sidney from July 17 to 23.


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