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Leyton, Potter-Dix Compete at Bayard


Don Ogle

Creek Valley's Pierce Leef clears the bar in the pole vault.

Nineteen schools from western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming gathered at Bayard High School on Thursday for the Bayard C-D Invitational meet.

The Leyton Warriors and the Potter-Dix Coyotes boys and girls track teams participated, and had some success in the individual standings.

The Leyton and Potter-Dix boy's teams did not fare well, placing 17th and 18th respectively, while the Potter-Dix girl's team placed ninth and the Leyton girl's placed 17th.

On the boy's side, individual performances of note included Leyton senior Kort Dye placing sixth in the 110 meter hurdles and 10th in the 300 meter hurdles, while Potter-Dix senior Dylan Nielsen placed ninth in the high jump.

On the girl's side, Leyton sophomore Megan Ernest placed ninth in the 400 meters and eighth in the 800 meters, while freshman Ella Draper placed fourth in the 100 meter hurdles.

Potter-Dix senior Payge Hoffman won the long jump with a distance of 15' 03.00" and placed fourth in the 300 meter hurdles, while senior Trinity Langley won the high jump clearing 5' 00" and placed eighth in the triple jump.

Potter-Dix junior December Wright placed seventh in the pole vault while freshman Reagan Williams placed ninth. Potter-Dix's 4x100 relay team (Payge Hoffman, Virginia Herboldsheimer, Fedalina Schuessler, McKynna Deeds) placed sixth.

Potter-Dix's 4x400 relay team (Payge Hoffman, Jessica Gingerich, December Wright, Trinity Langley) placed eighth, while Leyton's 4x400 relay team (Megan Ernest, Kelcie VanAnne, Ella Draper, Danielle Higgins) placed ninth.

Leyton's 4x800 relay team (Danielle Higgins, Destinee Henke, Carly Fortune, Megan Ernest) placed eighth and the Potter-Dix 4x800 relay team (Jessica Gingerich, Mary Kasten, Michaela Rotert, Reagan Williams) placed 10th.

Both Leyton and Potter-Dix track teams were scheduled to compete at the Tri-State Invitational at Creek Valley High School on Tuesday.

Varsity - Mens

1. Pine Bluffs 97

2. Bridgeport 82

3. Bayard 51

4. Gordon-Rushville 36

5. Southeast 35

6. Kimball 34

7. Lingle-Fort Laramie 29

8. Cody-Kilgore 26

9. Garden County 25

10. Hemingford 21

11. Crawford 12

12. Sioux County 11

13. Banner County 10

14. Burns 9

14. Minatare 9

16. Morrill 8

17. Leyton 1

18. Potter-Dix Public 0

110m Hurdles

1. Brady Kilgore, 15.20h Kimball

6. Kort Dye, 17.40h Leyton

300m Hurdles

1. Mitch McKibbin, 42.99a Bayard

10. Kort Dye, 47.47a Leyton

High Jump

1. Haize Fornstrom, 6-02.00 Pine Bluffs

9. Dylan Nielsen, 5-02.00 Potter-Dix Public

Varsity - Womens

1. Pine Bluffs 75

2. Bridgeport 59

3. Bayard 53

4. Hemingford 44

5. Burns 36

6. Gordon-Rushville 34

7. Cody-Kilgore 33

8. Kimball 29

9. Potter-Dix Public 25

10. Crawford 23

11. Sioux County 22

12. Banner County 20

13. Morrill 19

14. Southeast 9

15. Hay Springs 8

16. Leyton 4

17. Minatare 2

18. Garden County 1

400 Meters

1. 9 Tehya From, 1:05.30a Cody-Kilgore

9. Megan Ernest, 1:12.27a Leyton

800 Meters

1. Josie Stewart, 2:41.66a Hemingford

8. Megan Ernest, 2:50.08a Leyton

9. Danielle Higgins, 2:50.23a Leyton

10. Destinee Henke, 2:52.68a Leyton

100m Hurdles

1. Kylie Stuart, 16.50h Bayard

4. Ella Draper, 18.10h Leyton

300m Hurdles

1. Maddie Fornstrom, 51.77a Pine Bluffs

4. Payge Hoffman, 53.98a Potter-Dix Public

4x100 Relay

1. 56.24a Bridgeport

6. 1:01.56a Potter-Dix Public

Payge Hoffman, Virginia Herboldsheimer, Fedalina Schuessler, McKynna Deeds

4x400 Relay

1. 4:42.94a Bridgeport

8. 5:01.83a Potter-Dix Public

Payge Hoffman, Jessica Gingerich, December Wright, Trinity Langley

9. 5:01.99a Leyton

Megan Ernest, Kelcie VanAnne, Ella Draper, Danielle Higgins

4x800 Relay

1. 10:47.20a Bridgeport

8. 12:01.73a Leyton

Danielle Higgins, Destinee Henke, Carly Fortune, Megan Ernest

10. 13:00.95a Potter-Dix Public

Jessica Gingerich, Mary Kasten, Michaela Rotert, Reagan Williams

High Jump

1. Trinity Langley, 5-00.00 Potter-Dix Public

2. Jayla Brehmer, 4-10.00 Gordon-Rushville

Pole Vault

1. Miranda Mosley, 8-00.00 Burns

7. December Wright, 6-06.00 Potter-Dix Public

9. Reagan Williams, 6-00.00 Potter-Dix Public

Long Jump

1. Payge Hoffman, 15-03.00 Potter-Dix Public

2. Megan Spicer, 15-00.00 Kimball

Triple Jump

1. Jourdaine Cerenil, 32-10.50 Pine Bluffs

8. Trinity Langley, 30-01.00 Potter-Dix Public


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