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By Mike Motz
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Sidney 1st, 2nd in Twilight Invite


April 25, 2018

Donna Wiedeburg

Sidney's Delanie Namuth launches the shot put during a recent competition

Sidney's Red Raider Track & Field teams travelled to Scottsbluff on Friday to compete in the Twilight Invitational at Scottsbluff High School, with the boy's team taking top honores and the girl's team finishing in second place.

The boy's team earned 153 total points in their first place finish, while the girl's team scored 154 points to take second place honors, falling short to Gering at 162.25 points. The boy's team won six events while the girl's team won five events. Both teams had a number of outstanding individual performances that led to their high rankings at the end of the tournament.

For the girl's, senior Natalie Radcliffe won the 300 meter hurdles, placed second in the Long Jump, and placed fourth in the 200 meters. Junior Katelyn Sylvester won the Discus while her sister, freshman Karly Sylvester, placed second. Senior Charlie Brockhaus won the 1600 meters while freshman Morgan Jaggers placed second. Sophomore Kendra Nesbitt won the Shot Put and Karly Sylvester placed third. Sophomore MJ Johnstone won the Pole Vault, while sophomore Jaylee Shaw and senior Tessa Siler tied for fourth.

On the boy's side, Sidney took the top three places in the 100 meters, with juniors Cade Lewis and Christian Balandran finishing first and second seperated by one hundredth of a second, and senior Derek Robb finishing third. Senior Jonathan Smith won the 300 meter hurdles and placed second in the Pole Vault, while the 4x100 relay team and the 4x400 relay team both won their events. Junior Arik Doty won the Discus and junior Christian Lecher placed second, and senior Mitch Porter won the High Jump.

Men results

1. Sidney 153

2. Scottsbluff 137

3. Gering 99.5

4. Alliance 88.5

5. Torrington 72

6. Bayard 48

Varsity - Womens

1. Gering 162.25

2. Sidney 154

3. Torrington 86.5

4. Alliance 79.25

5. Scottsbluff 64

6. Bayard 49

Boy's results

100 meters

1.Cade Lewis 11.14a PR Sidney

2. Christian Balandran 11.31a Sidney

3. Derek Robb 11.33a SR Sidney

200 meters

1. Bryce Burry 23.13a Bayard

2. Coby Haas 23.89a Sidney

3. Cade Lewis 24.07a Sidney

400 meters

1. Bryce Burry 51.20a PR Bayard

4. Skylar Heineman 54.19a Sidney

800 meters

1. Sam Roy 2:05.04a PR Scottsbluff

4. Benjamin Bashtovoi 2:13.02a Sidney

5. Kaden Vowers 2:14.09a SR Sidney

1600 meters

1. Logan Moravec 4:42.95a SR Gering

3. Jacob Peckham 5:10.42a PR Sidney

7. Junior Lucero 5:18.69a PR Sidney

300 meter hurdles

1. Jonathan Smith 41.87a Sidney

4x100 meter relay

1. Derek Robb

Coby Haas

Christian Balandran

Cade Lewis 44.24a Sidney

4x400 relay

1. Mitchell Porter

Derek Robb

Christian Balandran

Skylar Heineman 3:33.76a Sidney

4x800 relay

1. 8:55.19a Scottsbluff

2. Benjamin Bashtovoi

Kaden Vowers

Colton Peckham

Bret Jaggers 9:02.29a Sidney

Shot Put

1. Nathaniel Woodruff 45-11.00 Torrington

7. Zach Pettit 43-06.00 PR Sidney

9. Lane Hughes 39-09.00 Sidney

10. Jack Hinrichs 39-03.00 Sidney


1. Arik Doty 141-02 Sidney

2. Christian Lecher 132-10 Sidney

10. Zach Pettit 113-11 Sidney

High Jump

1. Mitchell Porter 6-02.00 Sidney

Pole Vault

1. Kevin Price 12-08.00 PR Scottsbluff

2. Jonathan Smith 12-02.00 Sidney

6. Alex Jallen 10-02.00 PR Sidney

9. Logan Wamsley 9-08.00 SR Sidney

Long Jump

1. Mason Hiemstra 20-08.00 PR Alliance

5. Jakob Austad 19-03.75 Sidney

9. Brayden Cortney 18-07.50 PR Sidney

Triple Jump

1. Nick Foote 41-06.50 PR Scottsbluff

3. Jakob Austad 40-05.00 Sidney

7. Brayden Cortney

38-06.00 Sidney

Girl's Results

100 meters

1. Makayla Davidson 12.95a PR Alliance

6. Kendra Nesbitt 13.52a PR Sidney

200 meters

1. Jasmine Johnson 28.18a Gering

2. Natalie Radcliffe 28.71a SR Sidney

8. Janay Brauer 30.80a Sidney

400 meters

1. Makayla Davidson 1:04.87a SR Alliance

10. Kristina Davis 1:11.75a Sidney

800 meters

1. Sera Glass 2:40.00a Torrington

6. Hannah Kennedy 2:45.45a SR Sidney

8. Nicole Birner 2:47.70a SR Sidney

1600 meters

1. Charlie Brockhaus 6:04.82a Sidney

2. Morgan Jaggers 6:13.56a PR Sidney

5. Taighlor Arnett 6:20.92a PR Sidney

3200 meters

1. Sera Glass 13:12.53a PR Torrington

3. Taighlor Arnett 13:17.66a PR Sidney

300 meter Hurdles

1. Natalie Radcliffe 50.24a Sidney

5. Mattie Johnson 53.94a Sidney

4x100 relay

1. 52.93a Gering

4. Kendra Nesbitt

Natalie Radcliffe

Faith Michelman

MJ Johnstone 54.73a Sidney

Shot Put

1. Kendra Nesbitt 33-02.00 PR Sidney

3. Karly Sylvester 31-08.00 Sidney

7. Delanie Namuth 30-01.50 Sidney


1.Katelyn Sylvester 114-01 PR Sidney

2. Karly Sylvester 105-01 Sidney

3. Kaitlyn Shallenberger 102-11 Scottsbluff

6. Allison Nesbitt 96-11 SR Sidney

High Jump

1. Josie Otto 5-00.00 Alliance

3. Payton Jung 4-10.00 SR Sidney

6. Mattie Johnson 4-04.00 Sidney

8. Kollyn Weimer 4-00.00 Sidney

Pole Vault

1. MJ Johnstone 11-04.00 PR Sidney

4. Jaylee Shaw 8-04.00 PR Sidney

4. Tessa Siler 8-04.00 SR Sidney

Long Jump

1. Makayla Davidson 15-11.75 PR Alliance

2. Natalie Radcliffe

15-07.00 Sidney

10. Jaecee Drapal 13-08.75 SR Sidney

Triple Jump

1. Jade Garcia 33-03.75 PR Gering

4. Payton Jung 32-03.75 Sidney

7. Sarah-Kate Splichal 30-10.50 Sidney

9. Jaecee Drapal 28-08.25 Sidney


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