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John Higgins Invite Results Team Standings


January 29, 2020

1 Bennington 157.5

2 Hastings 156.5

3 Norfolk 143.0

4 Scott Community 141.5

5 Beatrice 130.5

6 Wray 106.5

7 Gering 94.0

8 Adams Central 93.0

9 Sidney 92.0

10 North Platte 81.0

11 Lincoln Southwest 80.5

12 Holdrege 76.0

13 Lexington 73.0

14 McCook 64.0

15 Cozad 41.0

16 Gothenburg 18.0

Individual Results 106

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Kael Lauridsen of Bennington

2nd Place – Brady Collins of Wray

3rd Place – Quinton Chavez of Gering

4th Place – Tristen Obermiller of Adams Central

5th Place – Markus Miller of Hastings

6th Place – Daven Naylor of Lexington

1st Place Match

Kael Lauridsen (Bennington) 32-0, Fr. over Brady Collins (Wray) 29-1, Fr. (MD 12-2)

3rd Place Match

Quinton Chavez (Gering) 27-3, Jr. over Tristen Obermiller (Adams Central) 29-5, Sr. (Dec 7-6)

5th Place Match

Markus Miller (Hastings) 26-9, So. over Daven Naylor (Lexington) 22-11, Fr. (MD 11-2) 113

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Braiden Kort of Adams Central

2nd Place – Landan McLaughlin of Lincoln Southwest

3rd Place – AJ Parrish of Bennington

4th Place – Ivan Lazo of Lexington

5th Place – Austin Munier of Sidney

6th Place – Brayden Schmalz of Holdrege

1st Place Match

Braiden Kort (Adams Central) 33-3, Fr. over Landan McLaughlin (Lincoln Southwest) 27-5, So. (Dec 1-0)

3rd Place Match

AJ Parrish (Bennington) 31-4, Fr. over Ivan Lazo (Lexington) 26-8, Jr. (Dec 2-0)

5th Place Match

Austin Munier (Sidney) 16-8, So. over Brayden Schmalz (Holdrege) 13-10, Jr. (Fall 1:57) 120

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Drew Arnold of Beatrice

2nd Place – Ean Bailey of Lexington

3rd Place – Paul Ruff of Gering

4th Place – Kash Bates of Lincoln Southwest

5th Place – Cole Rockwell of Wray

6th Place – Hunter Anderson of Bennington

1st Place Match

Drew Arnold (Beatrice) 31-1, Jr. over Ean Bailey (Lexington) 25-8, Sr. (Dec 6-0)

3rd Place Match

Paul Ruff (Gering) 26-2, Jr. over Kash Bates (Lincoln Southwest) 21-7, Fr. (MD 12-0)

5th Place Match

Cole Rockwell (Wray) 13-4, Sr. over Hunter Anderson (Bennington) 19-15, So. (NC) 126

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Jaylan Ruffin of North Platte

2nd Place – Landon Weidner of Hastings

3rd Place – Weston Godfrey of Norfolk

4th Place – Tyler Nagel of Gering

5th Place – Talyn Campbell of McCook

6th Place – Zach Rohrbough of Scott Community

1st Place Match

Jaylan Ruffin (North Platte) 33-6, Jr. over Landon Weidner (Hastings) 26-7, Fr. (Dec 4-1)

3rd Place Match

Weston Godfrey (Norfolk) 31-7, Jr. over Tyler Nagel (Gering) 22-10, Jr. (Fall 0:47)

5th Place Match

Talyn Campbell (McCook) 18-13, Jr. over Zach Rohrbough (Scott Community) 15-6, So. (NC)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Trevor Reinke of Beatrice

2nd Place – Jaxon Morrow of Lincoln Southwest

3rd Place – Matthew Coe of Bennington

4th Place – Nathaniel Murillo of Gering

5th Place – Aaron Dittmer of Norfolk

6th Place – Bryce Brown of Hastings

1st Place Match

Trevor Reinke (Beatrice) 29-2, So. over Jaxon Morrow (Lincoln Southwest) 24-8, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

3rd Place Match

Matthew Coe (Bennington) 27-11, Sr. over Nathaniel Murillo (Gering) 24-9, Sr. (Dec 3-2)

5th Place Match

Aaron Dittmer (Norfolk) 31-7, Sr. over Bryce Brown (Hastings) 19-5, Sr. (M. For.)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Kaden Wren of Scott Community

2nd Place – Nate Rocheleau of Gering

3rd Place – Cameron Kort of Adams Central

4th Place – Brecken Loftin of Cozad

5th Place – Santana Morin of North Platte

6th Place – Corben Libich of Gothenburg

1st Place Match

Kaden Wren (Scott Community) 23-0, Sr. over Nate Rocheleau (Gering) 32-4, Jr. (Dec 8-6)

3rd Place Match

Cameron Kort (Adams Central) 33-6, Sr. over Brecken Loftin (Cozad) 21-11, Sr. (Fall 1:37)

5th Place Match

Santana Morin (North Platte) 9-17, Jr. over Corben Libich (Gothenburg) 19-14, Sr. (NC)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Justus McDaniel of Scott Community

2nd Place – Brady Fago of Lexington

3rd Place – Treven Melroy of Holdrege

4th Place – Colby Puck of Bennington

5th Place – Tate Felber of McCook

6th Place – Blake Vaughn of North Platte

1st Place Match

Justus McDaniel (Scott Community) 18-0, Sr. over Brady Fago (Lexington) 28-4, Sr. (Dec 8-2)

3rd Place Match

Treven Melroy (Holdrege) 23-7, Sr. over Colby Puck (Bennington) 27-9, Sr. (NC)

5th Place Match

Tate Felber (McCook) 11-4, Jr. over Blake Vaughn (North Platte) 3-3, . (NC) 152

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Tyler Collins of Wray

2nd Place – Mason Brumbaugh of Hastings

3rd Place – Joshua Licking of Norfolk

4th Place – Noah Kliesen of Scott Community

5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached

6th Place – Jarrett Koch of Beatrice

6th Place – Landon Towne of McCook

1st Place Match

Tyler Collins (Wray) 10-0, Jr. over Mason Brumbaugh (Hastings) 10-2, Sr. (Dec 5-0)

3rd Place Match

Joshua Licking (Norfolk) 32-1, Jr. over Noah Kliesen (Scott Community) 20-3, Sr. (Dec 6-5)

5th Place Match

Jarrett Koch (Beatrice) 25-11, Jr. over Landon Towne (McCook) 22-10, Sr. (DFF)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Izaak Hunsley of Hastings

2nd Place – Brayden Splater of Norfolk

3rd Place – Emmanuel Huerta of Wray

4th Place – Torrance Keehn of Beatrice

5th Place – Alex Anthony of McCook

6th Place – Jacob Awiszus of Gering

1st Place Match

Izaak Hunsley (Hastings) 33-3, Sr. over Brayden Splater (Norfolk) 30-6, Sr. (Dec 5-3)

3rd Place Match

Emmanuel Huerta (Wray) 28-4, Sr. over Torrance Keehn (Beatrice) 12-7, So. (Fall 2:01)

5th Place Match

Alex Anthony (McCook) 19-14, Fr. over Jacob Awiszus (Gering) 29-10, So. (M. For.) 170

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Brady Robb of Sidney

2nd Place – Brody Nelson of Beatrice

3rd Place – Austin Miller of Norfolk

4th Place – Jackson Phelps of Hastings

5th Place – Caleb Vandegrift of Scott Community

6th Place – Oaklyn Smith of Adams Central

1st Place Match

Brady Robb (Sidney) 25-4, Jr. over Brody Nelson (Beatrice) 20-7, Jr. (Fall 1:36)

3rd Place Match

Austin Miller (Norfolk) 29-8, So. over Jackson Phelps (Hastings) 17-12, Jr. (Dec 9-4)

5th Place Match

Caleb Vandegrift (Scott Community) 15-9, Sr. over Oaklyn Smith (Adams Central) 22-15, So. (NC) 182

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Damen Pape of Hastings

2nd Place – Gavyn Brauer of North Platte

3rd Place – Luke MacDonald of Bennington

4th Place – Cale Goodman of Scott Community

5th Place – Deegan Nelson of Beatrice

6th Place – Hunter Mangelsen of Norfolk

1st Place Match

Damen Pape (Hastings) 36-0, Sr. over Gavyn Brauer (North Platte) 24-8, Jr. (MD 14-0)

3rd Place Match

Luke MacDonald (Bennington) 26-5, So. over Cale Goodman (Scott Community) 16-6, Sr. (Dec 7-4)

5th Place Match

Deegan Nelson (Beatrice) 3-2, Fr. over Hunter Mangelsen (Norfolk) 12-12, Jr. (Dec 4-2)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Imanol Munoz of Holdrege

2nd Place – Brock Ostdiek of Beatrice

3rd Place – Hunter Thompson of Bennington

4th Place – Hunter Ahrendt of Sidney

5th Place – Laikon Ames of Norfolk

6th Place – Ismael Ayala of Lexington

1st Place Match

Imanol Munoz (Holdrege) 24-4, Sr. over Brock Ostdiek (Beatrice) 21-12, So. (Dec 11-8)

3rd Place Match

Hunter Thompson (Bennington) 20-9, So. over Hunter Ahrendt (Sidney) 12-15, Jr. (Dec 7-1)

5th Place Match

Laikon Ames (Norfolk) 32-6, Sr. over Ismael Ayala (Lexington) 11-15, So. (Fall 0:31) 220

Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Garett Menke of Bennington

2nd Place – Jose Molina of Wray

3rd Place – Cade Stott of Cozad

4th Place – Jacob Deckert of Adams Central

5th Place – Brayden Heffner of Norfolk

6th Place – Trent Weak of Holdrege

1st Place Match

Garett Menke (Bennington) 35-0, Sr. over Jose Molina (Wray) 24-6, Jr. (Fall 1:34)

3rd Place Match

Cade Stott (Cozad) 26-9, Sr. over Jacob Deckert (Adams Central) 25-4, So. (M. For.)

5th Place Match

Brayden Heffner (Norfolk) 22-10, So. over Trent Weak (Holdrege) 18-12, Sr. (NC)


Guaranteed Places

1st Place – Gabriel Bowers of Scott Community

2nd Place – Hayden Hofrock of Sidney

3rd Place – Josh Callejas of Hastings

4th Place – Reid Steinbeck of McCook

5th Place – Jake Jensen of Norfolk

6th Place – Tyler Pavelka of Adams Central

1st Place Match

Gabriel Bowers (Scott Community) 16-6, Jr. over Hayden Hofrock (Sidney) 26-3, Sr. (Dec 6-4)

3rd Place Match

Josh Callejas (Hastings) 16-9, Sr. over Reid Steinbeck (McCook) 19-10, Jr. (Fall 0:43)

5th Place Match

Jake Jensen (Norfolk) 25-8, Sr. over Tyler Pavelka (Adams Central) 24-15, So. (Dec 1-0)


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