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Leyton Schools Concern Former Resident

Letter to the editor


Dearest Leyton Communities:


I am writing with a sincere heart and grave anxiety for the health, stability and future of the Leyton School District.

Having been raised in the community, I am saddened by the ever-growing outrage of the constituents without a viable, tangible response from the Board of Education.  This indignation is becoming more and more public and infiltrates even the most innocent of conversations—making it across multiple state lines.

The latter should concern the community as much as it does me. Leyton used to be a magnetized institution that many “opted into” because of the community and the quality education one could receive. Have you asked yourself why that has reversed?

To be clear, this letter is not written by just any alumni. It is written by one with viable education and vast experience to draw these conclusions. This composition is penned by one who has spent the better part of two decades pursuing advanced degrees, growing in skill, refining a craft and learning to navigate the public education system as a parent, teacher, teacher-educator and administrator.  These pursuits empower me to engage in quality assessment from public documents, the district website, and other appropriate searches encountered during the course of the investigation.

The information that has been uncovered in the past two weeks as I have sought to understand the chaos and division infiltrating my home town is seriously concerning. Alarm exists not just because of what I have discovered, but because there is no attempt being made to hide the gross negligence, improprieties and overt infractions. Furthermore, the Board has not held those under their direct authority to the highest of integrity standards and to abide by their own Board policies, the laws of the State of Nebraska and Nebraska Department of Education. Legitimately, I am flummoxed by the inaction.

It is my hope and sincere request that each of you consider the district’s financial hemorrhaging and the immediate concerns below. I hope you pray, if that is your habit, and that you call your Board Members, show up at meetings and diligently encourage your Board of Education to act in an ethical, honorable manner.

Research through publicly accessible information/records reveals there are overt, unhidden material breaches of Transparency Act disclosed contracts in Sections 1, 5, 6, 7 and 8. Restitution to the district appears to be owed under Section 4 of said contract.   As appropriate, delineations of these assertions of material breaches have been sent to the Leyton Board of Education via email and snail mail on or about June 18, 2020.  Further allegations of violations of LPS Board policy outlined in the correspondence include, but are not limited to: 4053 – all sections, specifically – 4053.3.b and 4053.4a.2.iii, 401.1.b.4—and its relationship to NDE Professional Practices, 4012 – Section 2, 4043 and NDE Rule 20, Rule 21 and multiple infractions of Nebraska Administrative Code, Rule 27:   004.02D, 004.02C, 004.05A, 005.02B2, 005.02B3, 005.02C1, 005.05C2 and 005.04C2.  This is only the beginning. Evidence of what appears to be purposeful falsification has also been found and forward to the Board for immediate review and action since said school agents are under their direct purview. It is my fervent hope and prayer that district patrons do extensive research and ask the Board to hold these individuals to account. A formal Board audit and investigation is long past due.

Furthermore, provisions granted to BOE members within policies 4015, 4053, and 2005 likely contradict edicts issued by the Nebraska Department of Education under Rule 27 and stakeholders should investigate such policies holding the Board to account.

Finally, I have requested to meet with the BOE as part of a special session, to be held as soon as possible, where I could either present remotely or in person to delineate and expand my concerns and account for the assertions contained herein.  Should I be added to the agenda, I ask the public to come out and support the presentation.  If the request is denied, I pray concerned citizens righteously follow up on this letter and become more active in your community education system.


Best regards,

Christina Boggess, BM, EI, MSEL+


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