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By Brandee Gillham
The Cowboys Wife 

Cowboy Memory


September 16, 2020

There is something about my cowboy that I will never understand. The way our minds are hard-wired so differently truly amazes me.

We have lived in the same house for over eleven years and very few things have moved locations since we first put them in their place. The special whisk goes in a particular drawer, and the green platter has a spot in a specific cupboard, and the griddle stands on end to the right of the stove.

Despite these kitchen items remaining in the same place for over a decade, my cowboy may still ask me where things go. My cowboy was thumbing through a horse catalog with over 500 horses consigned to the sale. We actually took a drive to the Front Range, just the two us, the other day and actually had time to talk without the incessant interruption of our brood of cowpokes.

Here is free side note: if you haven’t been to the big city in a while just don’t go. There is a 99.6 percent chance (the same statistic of surviving COVID-19) you will come home irritated that everyone has gone bat nuts crazy!

Anyhow, back to the story, as we were driving my cowboy asks me to look up a particular mare. My first thought was how in the world does he know which mare I should look up with this many horses? He quickly tells me to flip to Lot #167. He spouts off the dam and sire and then the second degree pedigree as clear as day. Then he has me glance at a second mare #210 and without skipping a beat he tells me her foal date, the stud she is bred to and his earnings. My jaw dropped to the floorboard. How can he remember every single stinkin’ detail about any horse he has ever seen, heard of, or thought of buying but can’t remember where the spatula goes in the kitchen?

All of sudden I understood. My kitchen training program has been all wrong. As we were cleaning up dishes after supper last night I told him he needed to back that Tupperware into the right roping box – it goes in the far back corner of the cupboard. I have been speaking the wrong lingo for a really long time.

Ladies, I plan to start naming my kitchen tools after famous horses and I am positive he will remember where it is at. It helps that our lil’ cowpokes run renegade around the kitchen regularly roping each other so he will feel like he is at a roping and our success rate should definitely improve.

I’m not going to go as far as paying out his earnings, but I may succumb to desperate measures if I don’t see some improved results in the near future.

It is never too late to teach an old horse a new trick.


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