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Racism: Real or Exaggerated?

I was recently asked to fill out a law enforcement survey on hate crimes from a television broadcaster. I filled out their survey a short time after having gone through Nebraska’s mandated anti-bias and racism training that all law enforcement officers are required to take every year.

During these trainings, I was basically told that as a white law enforcement officer, I am automatically racist and in all cases biased. I hate to break it to everyone, but we are all biased and I have even been the victim of reverse racism on several occasions. Do I sit around and cry about it? No.

Now this surv...


Reader Comments(4)

Hajek writes:

Spot on there

Sanctum writes:

Bold, accurate and oh so true. Well done.

Embarrassed4You writes:

This commentary by Sheriff Frerichs is sad. No, it doesn’t automatically make him a racist, but it shows just how small his world view is. Has he ever left Western Nebraska? Has he ever really interacted with people with a different background than his? If he has, it certainly doesn’t show in this piece.

moronga69162 writes:

Well said, sir, I agree 100%!

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