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Nebraska State Patrol

Click It or Ticket Campaign Aims to Reduce Roadway Fatalities

(LINCOLN) — As the summer travel season kicks into gear, Nebraska State Troopers will be patrolling the state’s roads day and night in an effort to prevent serious injury or fatality crashes. The national “Click it or Ticket” campaign runs from Monday, May 24, through Sunday, June 6.

“Traffic safety takes all of us working together,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “The stats are clear that seat belts save lives. Every time you get into a vehicle, buckle up and increase your chances of surviving a crash.”

“Click it or Ticket” is a national mobilization of law enforcement agencies with a focus on seat belt violations and education. The Nebraska State Patrol is one of dozens of agencies across Nebraska participating in the effort.

In 2019, 63 percent of the people who died on Nebraska roads were not wearing their seat belt at the time of the crash. National statistics show that, when used, seat belts reduce the risk of fatalities by 45 percent for front-seat passenger car occupants and by 60 percent for light truck occupants.

Troopers and dispatchers will be working overtime as part of this enforcement effort thanks in part to a grant for $25,000 from the Nebraska Department of Transportation – Highway Safety Office.

New Life-Saving Technology for Every NSP Patrol Vehicle Thanks to $6.4 Million Helmsley Charitable Trust Grant

LINCOLN — Every Nebraska State Patrol vehicle will soon be equipped with enhanced life-saving capabilities thanks to a partnership with The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Nebraska Game and Parks, and the Nebraska State Patrol.

The effort is part of a $6.4 million grant to equip law enforcement agencies with the next generation of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). NSP will receive 457 AEDs to be placed in both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles throughout the state.

“Seconds count during a cardiac arrest,” said Walter Panzirer, a Helmsley trustee. “We know in Nebraska first responders often have great distances to cover. This funding will ensure those who get to the scene before EMS arrives give patients a better shot at survival.”

Studies conducted by the American Heart Association demonstrate a dramatically higher survival rate for cardiac patients shocked by law enforcement, who are generally first on the scene, especially in rural areas. The AEDs feature technology conducive to the highly mobile and challenging environment of a patrol vehicle. The AEDs will help ensure that troopers are able to produce the fastest first shock when defibrillation is needed. 

“This partnership is phenomenal and adds an exceptional life-saving tool to each patrol vehicle,” said Colonel John Bolduc, Superintendent of the Nebraska State Patrol. “Our troopers are often the first people on the scene of a serious crash and have to quickly provide medical care until paramedics arrive. These AEDs will greatly enhance the life-saving measures troopers can provide during a critical incident response.”

Using Wi-Fi connectivity, these self-monitoring devices can send near real-time event data, including a patient’s heart rhythm and delivered shocks, to incoming emergency services or receiving hospitals, thus allowing for post-event evaluation to improve care delivery.

The first group of troopers and investigators are undergoing training on the new AEDs, which is being conducted by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. Those troopers will then provide training to NSP personnel throughout the state.

To date, the Helmsley Charitable Trust has invested more than $500 million to improve access to quality healthcare in rural America, $72 million of that in Nebraska.

Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office

May 20

12:14 a.m. Agency Assist, 17J Link, Sidney.

12:19 a.m. K9 Call Out, U.S. Highway 30 and U.S. Highway 385.

6:19 a.m. Paper Service, 1100 block 5th Avenue, Sidney.

6:35 a.m. Paper Service, 600 block Charlotte Drive, Sidney.

6:48 a.m. Agency Assist, 400 block Glover Road, Sidney.

7:19 a.m. Traffic Stop, Road 54 and US Highway 385.

7:29 a.m. Animal Call, Interstate 80.

7:33 a.m. Paper Service, Dalton.

8:56 a.m. Transport, 1500 block 10th Avenue, Sidney.

8:17 p.m. Follow-Up, 1600 block Grant Street, Sidney.

8:47 a.m. Traffic Complaint, County Road 32 and US Highway 385.

12:13 p.m. Warrant Service, 1300 block Forrest Street, Sidney.

12:44 p.m. Paper service, Potter.

1:05 p.m. Paper Service, Potter.

1:41 p.m. Paper Service, Lodgepole Creek Apartments, Sidney.

1:51 p.m. Paper Service, 500 block Lucille Lane, Sidney.

2:01 p.m. Paper Service, Crewstview Apartments, Sidney.

2:18 p.m. Traffic compalint, Westbound Interstate 80.

2:26 p.m. Information Only, Potter.

3:26 p.m. Transient Aid, Deuel County,

3:40 p.m. Information Only, Sheriff’s Office.

6:29 p.m. Information Only, Sheriff’s Office.

7:16 p.m. Traffic Complaint, Westbound Interstate 80.

7:54 p.m. Traffic Complaint, 2800 block Road Cheyenne County Road 77.

7:59 p.m. Paper Service 1600 block Grant Street, Sidney.

8:03 p.m. Paper Service, 1400 block Forrest Street, Sidney.

9:16 p.m. Suspicious Activity, 1800 block Elm Street.

11:04 p.m. Hit and Run Traffic Accident, 11th Avenue and Old Post Road, Sidney.

Sidney Police Department

May 6

1:04 am, Suspicious Person, Sidney Properties, 11th Ave.

8:28 am, Traffic Stop, 11th Ave. & Pasadena Pl.

9:34 am, Unwanted Party, Maple St.

10:33 am, Animal Call, Grandma Jo’s, Illinois St.

10:53 am, Traffic Stop, Link 17J & Pole Creek Crossing

11:15 am, Medical Call, Sidney Properties, 11th Ave.

12:20 pm, Property Found, Illinois St.

12:28 pm, Criminal Mischief, El Rancho Rd.

1:51 pm, Animal Call, Lodgepole Rd.

1:53 pm, Emergency Protective Custody, SRMC, Pole Creek Crossing

4:18 pm, Disturbance, Beverly Dr.

5:09 pm, Traffic Stop, Rolling Pin Bakery, 10th Ave.

7:46 pm, Fraud

8:26 pm, Suspicious Person, Best Western Sidney Lodge, Cabela Dr.

8:34 pm, Suspicious Activity, Ash St.

May 7

1:44 am, Trespass In Progress, 24th Ave.

2:53 am, Motorist Assist, Silverberg Dr.

7:33 am, Medical Call, Newton St.

8:08 am, Disturbance, Cheyenne Villa, Ash St.

10:40 am, Traffic stop, Anglers Ln. & Old Post Rd.

2:25 pm, Code Violation, Elm st.

4:44 pm, Animal Call, 20th Ave.

4:58 pm, 911 Hang Up/Open Line, Beans & Steams, Glover Rd.

7:20 pm, Disturbance, Spruce St.

7:50 pm, Traffic Stop, 10th Ave. & Osage St.

8:08 pm, Parking Complaint, Chase Blvd.

8:35 pm, Traffic Stop, 19th Ave. & Sidney Draw RD.

8:53 pm, Disturbance, Sidney High School, 19th Ave.

8:53 pm, Traffic Stop, E Illinois St. & Greenwood Rd.

9:45 pm, Juvenile Problems, Verde Ln.

10:21 pm, Parking Complaint, 59 WB Interstate 80, Cheyenne Co.

10;29 pm, Suspicious Vehicle, Walmart, Silverberg Dr.

10:39 pm, Traffic Stop, Sapp Brothers, Upland Pkwy

10:57 pm, Fire Structure, Forrest St.

11:52 pm, Parking Complaint, Chase Blvd.

May 8

12:17 am, Juvenile Problems, 10th Ave. & Toledo St.

12:23 am, Alarm Business, Applebees, Cabela Dr.

12:45 am, Traffic stop, Comfort Inn, Toffies Dr.

12:57 am, Parking Complaint, Chase Blvd

1:13 am, Medical Call, Sloan Estates, Craig Ave.

7:26 am, Traffic Stop, The Post, Old Post Rd.

7:39 am, Traffic Stop, Old Post Rd. & Outfitter Way

7:48 am, Agency Assist, Fort Sidney Rd. & Illinois St.

8:14 am, Traffic Stop, Old Post Rd. & Windy Hill Rd.

8:27 am, Traffic Stop, 11th Ave. & Pasadena Pl.

8:42 am, Alarm-Fire, Linden St.

1:50 pm, Theft, Charlotte Dr.

3:17 pm, Citizen Assist, Sidney Inn, 9th Ave.

4:39 pm, Traffic stop, Fort Sidney Rd. & Markel Dr.

6:46 pm, Parking Complaint, Pine St.

6:49 pm, Transient Aid, Fat Dogs, Silverberg Dr.

8:38 pm, Traffic Stop, 12th Ave. & Jackson St.

9:43 pm, Threats, Git N Split South, 10th Ave.

10:55 pm, Parking Complaint, Chase Blvd.

11:35 pm, Medical Call, Fort Sidney Rd.

May 9

3:38 am, Traffic Stop, Pole Creek Crossing & 17J Link

7:36 am, Civil Standby-Keep the Peace, Forrest St.

10:02 am, Parking Complaint, Loves Truck Stop, Chase Blvd.

11:16 am, Traffic Stop, 11th Ave. & Parkland Dr.

11:29 am, Traffic Stop, Link 17J & Jennifer Ln.

11:59 am, Traffic Stop, Pole Creek Crossing & Link 17J

12:17 pm, Animal Call, Canterbury Ln. & Parkland Dr.

1:01 pm, Traffic Stop, Fort Sidney Rd. & E Illinois St.

3:07 pm, Narcotics Violation, Loves Truck Stop, Chase Blvd.

3:20 pm, Welfare Check, 12th Ave.

4:17 pm, Suspicious Activity, Sidney Police Dept., Illinois St.

5:47 pm, Medical Call, Lodgepole Creek Apts., Fort Sidney Rd.

6:19 pm, Burglary Business, Sonic, Glover Rd.

9:45 pm, Traffic Stop, Loves Truck Stop

May 10

12:15 am, Suspicious Activity, Sonic, Glover Rd.

2:35 am, Disturbance, SRMC, Pole Creek Crossing,

6:35 am, Criminal Mischief, Legion Park, Legion Park Rd.

8:42 am, Agency Assist, SRMC, Pole Creek Crossing

8:58 am, Medical Call, Sidney High School, 19th Ave.

9:03 am, Criminal Mischief, Legion Park, Legion Park Rd.

11:15 am, Harassment, Illinois St.

1:47 pm, Juvenile Problems, Legion Park, Legion Park Rd.

1:53 pm, Welfare Check, East Dr.

4:08 pm, Theft, 12th Ave.

7:14 pm, Unwanted Party,Cheyenne Co. Sheriffs,10th Ave.

8:42 pm, Motorist Assist, E Elm St. & US Hwy 385

10:10 pm, Citizen Assist

11:21 pm, Theft, Loves Truck Stop, Chase Blvd.

May 11

12:58 am, Suspicious Activity, 13th Ave.

10:02 am, Citizen Assist, Sidney Police Dept., Illinois St.

12:53 pm, Suspicious Vehicle, Randy’s Auto Care, Illinois St.

5:12 pm, Traffic Stop, El Rancho Rd. & Summit Dr.

6:41 pm, Public Education, Lodgepole Valley YoCamp, Fort Sidney Rd.

7:39 pm, Traffic Stop, 10th Ave. & Rose St.

9:50 pm, Suspicious Activity, Sidney Police Dept., Illinois St.

10:39 pm, Suspicious Activity, 12th Ave.

10:41 pm, Traffic Stop, Jennifer Ln & Upland Pkwy.

May 12

1:48 am, Traffic stop, Fort Sidney Rd. & Illinois St.

9:17 am, Citizen assist, E Elm St.

9:39 am, Code Violation, Buffalo Point, Cabela Dr.

9:49 am, Code Violation, Wolf Ford, Glover Rd.

10:33 am, Citizen Assist, Sidney Police Dept., Illinois St.

12:42 pm, Traffic Stop,11th Ave. & Alvarado Rd.

1:22 pm, Juvenile Problems, Parkview Rd.

1:26 am, Fraud, Platte Valley Bank, 10th Ave.

2:37 pm, Medical Call, El Rancho Rd.

3:40 pm, Traffic Accident-no injury, Arby’s, Old Post Rd.

4:19 pm, Agency Assist, Little Tornado Towing, Illinois St.

4:43 pm, Traffic Stop, El Rancho Rd.

4:56 pm, Juvenile Problems, Git N Split North, Illinois St.

5:47 pm, Traffic Stop, 15th Ave. & Jackson St.

5:49 pm, Suspicious Person, East Dr.

5:59 pm, Traffic Stop, Monte Vista Dr. & summit Dr.

6:30 pm, Disturbance, Ash St.

6:38 pm, Traffic Stop, Clark Dr. & El Rancho Rd.

8:16 pm, Welfare Check, Soccer Fields, Collage Dr.

11:09 pm, Juvenile Problems, Sky Rd.

May 13

8:15 am, Truancy, 14th Ave.

1;30 pm, Code Violation, Walmart, Silverberg Dr.

2:08 pm, Animal Call, 11th Ave. & Newton St.

2:40 pm, Suspicious Activity, Sidney Police Dept., Illinois St.

3:48 pm, Code Violation, Old Post Rd. & 17J Link

4:49 pm, Citizen Assist, E Elm St.

4:57 pm, Traffic Stop, Verde Ln.

5;12 pm, Traffic Stop, Summit Dr.

5:22 pm, Traffic Stop, Alvarado Rd. & Summit Dr.

5:52 pm, Traffic Stop, 14th Ave. & Illinois St.

7:46 pm, Juvenile Problems, Maple St

8:52 pm, Traffic Stop, 5th Ave. & Illinois St.

9:08 pm, Traffic Stop, 14th Ave. & Cedar St.

9:18 pm, Parking Complaint, Chase Blvd.

9:24 pm, Traffic Stop, 13th Ave. & Dodge St.

9:58 pm, Traffic stop, 14th Ave. & Cedar St.

10:07 pm, Traffic stop, 13th Ave. & Cedar St.

10:24 pm, Traffic stop, E Illinois St. & Greenwood Rd.

10:47 pm, Traffic Stop, US Hwy 385 & E Elm St.

11:13 pm, Animal Call, Palomino Pl.


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