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Letter Writer Objects to Ricketts', Erdman's Position on COVID-19


September 29, 2021 | View PDF

Many of us remember a time when Americans were kinder, or thoughtful of others, where “what can we do together for each other” was the norm rather than “It’s all about me.” Yes, as a youngster I remember very well the personal and family sacrifices during and after World War II — all for the common good, for the protection of a unified nation, and allied against those who would do us harm.

Now, contrast that scenario with where we are today as a country, where “rights” and personal freedoms supersede common decency and what is best for all.  Where Governors like Pete Ricketts and State Legislators like Steve Erdman threaten law suits against our own government for taking measures to protect us from a deadly virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans.  Where thousands of whiners, wimps, and fully grown cry babies refuse to wear the masks, question the wisdom and efficiency of our medical profession and science, and protest the so-called loss of their petty, selfish rights and their freedom of choice.

And so we give way to progress and in full retreat watch as our hospital beds fill again and our overworked caregivers step up to unselfishly serve the selfish unvaccinated.  We watch, and we read helplessly as the pitiful carriers walk amongst us to perpetuate the second scourge of a devastating virus that could have been avoided by a rational, educated, willing, and more civilized people working together.

Ron Holscher,

Ogallala, Ne


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