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October 1

2:46 am, Agency assist, Little Tornado Towing, Illinois St.

2:50 am, Theft Vehicle, Walmart, Silverberg Dr.

9:01 am, Directed Health Measure

9:03 am, Civil Standby, Civil Standby-Keep the Peace, Illinois St.

11:15 am, Agency Assist

11:57 am, Traffic Complaint, McDonalds, Upland Pkwy.

12:33 pm, Suspicious Vehicle, Walmart, Silverberg Dr.

1:58 pm, Civil Call,Illinois St.

3:02 pm, Theft, Cabela’s Retail, Cabela Dr.

3:54 pm, Court Order Violation, 13th Ave.

4:33 pm, Juvenile Problems, 10th Ave.

5:32 pm, Traffic Accident-Hit & Run, Best Value Inn, Illinois St.

8:39 pm, Threats, Village Way

9:22 pm, Traffic Accident Priv-Prop, Loves Truck Stop, Chase Blvd.

10:39 pm, Suspicious Activity, East Dr.

10:54 pm, Traffic Stop, 16th Ave. & Birch St.

October 2

6:15 am, Parking Complaint, Hickory St.

7:01 am, Parking Complaint, Upland Pkwy.

10:29 am, 911 Hang Up/Open Line, 15th Ave. & Illinois St.

11:42 am, Theft, 12th & Illinois St.

11:50 am, Suspicious Person, Linden St.

12:02 pm, Traffic Accident Priv-Prop, Loves Truck Stop, Chase Blvd.

12:20 pm, Civil standby - Keep the Peace, Village Way

12:21 pm, Threats, 10th Ave. & Linden St.

12:52 pm, Animal Call, Cheyenne Villa, Ash St.

1:47 pm, Protection Order Violation, Village Way

1:53 pm, Traffic Stop, 10th Ave. & Pole Creek Crossing

3:30 pm, Traffic Stop, 23rd Ave. & Illinois St.

3:37 pm, DUI, Clothes Hamper, Jackson St.

7:16 pm, Welfare Check, Village of Sidney Apts., Village Way

7:55 pm, Suspicious Activity, Julian St. & Tina Pl.

9:11 Pm, Suspicious Activity,Linden St.

9:14 pm, Traffic Stop, 13th Ave. & Spruce St.

9:50 pm, Animal Call, Forrest St.

10:13 pm, Motorist Assist, 17th Ave. & Illinois St.

10:35 pm, Traffic Accident-Unknown Injury, Pole Creek Crossing & 17J Link

10:46 pm, Suspicious Activity, Central School, 16th Ave.

October 3

1:31 am, Civil Call, Ash St.

3:32 am, Trespass In Progress, Ash St.

4:50 am, Unwanted Party, 18th Ave.

4:43 am, Property Lost, Sidney Police Dept., Illinois St.

7:51 am, Traffic Stop, 17J Link

8:04 pm, Traffic Stop, Old Post Rd. & 17J Link

8:15 am, Traffic Stop, Andrew Dr. & Old Post Rd.

12:13 pm, Animal Call, 11th Ave. & Olsen Dr.

1:34 pm, Animal Call, King St. & 22nd Ave.

2:03 pm, Traffic Stop, Fairfield Inn, Jennifer Ln.

2:14 pm, Suicide

3:18 pm, Citizen Assist

4:03 pm, Animal Call, Fort Sidney Rd.

4:15 pm, Bite-Animal , Keller Dr.

7:06 pm, Theft, Walmart, Silverberg Dr.

11:52 pm, Citizen Assist, Git”N Split North, Illinois St.

October 4

12:24 am, Traffic Stop Old Post RD

1:27 am, 620 Osage Medical Call

7:29 am, 2459 11th Medical call

8:02 am, 940 Front ST. Potter, Med Call

8:29 am, Animal call Sidney

9:47 am, Theft 1385 Palamino

10:01 am, Animal Bite, Illinois

10:21 am, Dumping illegally Daily Dr

10:46 am, Code violation, San Marino Cir

1:06 pm, Disturbance, Rose St

2:25 PM, Animal Call, Palamino Pl

3:37 pm, Threats, Monterey DR

3:55 pm, Theft, San Marino Cir

3:57 pm, Harassment, Linden

4:54 pm, Alarm, Greenwood Cemetery

6:38 pm, Child Abuse

6:49 pm, Animal call, RD 113, Sidney

6:56 pm, Transient aid, Illinois ST

7:45 pm, Motorist assist, Exit 59, I-80

7:47 pm, Traffic Stop, Old Post Road

10:29 pm, Juvenile Problems, Rose St

October 5

12:48 am Suspicion Activity Cabela Dr.

7:36 am, Traffic stop 19th ave

8:03 am, Traffic stop Andrew Dr

9:43 am, Code violation Spruce St

9:54 am, Code violation Spruce St

10:24 am, Traffic stop Link 17 J

10:29 am, Animal call Osage St

12:00 pm, Narcotics violation, Garden County

12:47 pm, MEDICAL CALL Silverberg DR

2:25 pm, Fraud

4:47 pm, Traffic stop 11th Ave

5:27 pm, Civil call Pole Creek Crossing

7:19 pm, Parking complaint Chase Blvd

7:28 pm, Traffic stop Old Post Rd

7:54 pm, Threats El Rancho Rd

8:07 pm, unwanted party 4th street

8:59 pm, Parking Complaint silver berg Dr

11:07 pm, Noise complaint Village Way

11:55 pm, traffic stop Old Post Rd

October 6

2:38 am, Agency assist, 24459 11th Ave

3:49 am, Suspicious vehicle, Link 17J

5:36 am, Fort Sidney Rd

8:45 am, Parking complaint, Glover Rd

9:35 am, animal call Elm ST

9:52 am, Criminal mischief, Toledo St

11:59 am, Civil Call

11;59 AM, Traffic Accident, 11th Ave

1:09 pm, Animal neglect, Illinois ST

2:39 pm, Animal call, Illinois ST

2:58 pm, Traffic stop Jackson ST

3:10 pm, Parking complaint Osage ST

3:19 pm, Criminal Mischief Legion Park

3:34 pm, Traffic stop, 19th Ave

4:40 pm, Paper Service, King ST

5:19 pm, Parking complaint, Chase BLVD

6:32 pm, Citizens Assist Illinois ST

6:40 pm, Parking complaint, 19th Ave

8:03 pm, Disturbance, Illinois ST

October 7

7:26 am, Traffic stop, Toledo ST

7:32 am, Animal call, Dollar Genera

7:47 am, Traffic stop, 19th Ave

8:01 am, Traffic stop, 19th Ave

9:02 am, Agency assist,

9:13 am, Narcotics violation, Illinois St

10:56 am, Animal call, Village Way

11;24 am, 911 hang up call

1:51 pm, Theft, Old Post Road

2:45 pm, Unwanted party Silverberg Dr

3:49 pm, Traffic complaint, Maple ST

4:07 pm, Suspicious Activity Quince St

4:31 pm, Agency Assist, Steven Ave

4:39 pm, Suspicious activity Illinois St

4:49 pm, Suspicious person, Silverberg Dr

5:03 pm, Open business check, Hillside Dr


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