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October 27, 2021 | View PDF

The founder of Methodism, John Wesley, once said, “I want to know one thing, the way to heaven – how to land safe on that happy shore. God Himself has condescended to teach the way: for this very end He came from heaven. He has written it down in a book. O give me that book! Let me be a man of one book. Here then I am, far from the busy ways of men. I sit down alone: only God is here. In His presence I open, and I read His Book, for this end – to find the way to heaven.”

What he means is, learn to love reading your Bible! And don’t cop out by sayin’ you don’t have time, you gotta make the time! I’m not askin’ you to study it – that will come later – so for now, I want you to just sit down and read it!

I want you to read your Bible just like you’d read any book, one page at a time, page after page, chapter after chapter. If you get stuck on somethin’, come talk to me and we’ll work thru it – but for now, again, just start reading!  It’s God’s grand and awesome story, and it’s all there for you to read. Get familiar with God’s word – whether it’s on paper or some e-format – spend time with it – let it change you from the inside out. Millions upon millions of Christians thru the ages will testify that’s what happened to them when they read and studied the Scriptures. God revealed Himself to them, and He showed them what He wanted in life for them.

If you need a Bible, come see me – I have a pile of ‘em in my office! If you want a reading plan, I have those too; I also have John Wesley’s instructions for reading your Bible. If you need help finding an electronic version or learning how to use the one you have, come see me.

The point is – I want you to read your Bible! The Bible is all about Jesus – and the BEST way to learn about Him is to read about Him – so write this down or keep this short newspaper article: Start with Mark in the New Testament – it’s a fast-paced, almost breathless read through Jesus’ life… Then read Matthew & Luke – they have more stories about Jesus, and they give you more background than Mark does… Then read John – he’s the theologian; he’s the one who tells about Jesus in a more awe-filled sense of wonder about the Son of God… Then read the rest of the New Testament starting with the Acts of the Apostles – THEN go back and start reading from Genesis…

Along the way, you’ll start to see little things sprinkled all over the Old Testament that point straight at Jesus! So today – open your bible – and start reading as if your life depends on it! Cuz, believe me – it does…!


Pastor Corey Jenkins

Sidney 1st United Methodist Church


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