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October 19

7:46 am, Agency assist

7:59 am, Medical call High School

8:29 am, Juvenile problems Linden St

8:51 am, Animal call Osage ST

9:38 am, Welfare check 11th ave

9:39 am, Unwanted party Ash St

10:55 am, Narcotics violation Oshkosh

11:02 am, Parking complaint 11th Ave

11:48 am, Code Violation Elm ST

1:52 pm, Parking complaint Chase Blvd

5:22 pm, Traffic accident cold

6:09 pm,Traffic stop Old Post RD

7:49 pm, Parking complaint Hoffies Dr

7:59 pm, Welfare Check Sidney

8:02 pm, Traffic stop Old Post Rd

9:56 pm, Parking complaint Chase Blvd

10:00 pm, Traffic stop Illinois St

10:47 pm, Haz Mat call Maple ST

October 20

10:20 am, HHS Intake 12th Ave

11:03 am, Traffic Stop Silverberg Dr

2:30 pm, Civil Standby, Keep the peace Osage ST

2:51 pm, equal Call 13th Ave

4:44 pm, Suspicious Activity Jennifer Lane

6:56 pm, Suspicious Veil Illinois ST

7:03 pm, Traffic stop 11th Ave

7:29 pm, Civil Call 10th Ave

October 21

10:27 am, Fraud Illinois St

11:40 am, Parking complaint Chase Blvd

1:19 pm, Code Violation Forrest St

2:10 pm, Disturbance 11th Ave

2:33 pm, Traffic stop 17J

5:02 pm, Protraction order violation n13TH AVE

5:45 pm, Fireworks Solano Dr

6:39 pm, pm Suspicious Vehicle Linden ST

7:44 pm, Suspicious Vehicle Dakota RD

8:11 pm, Suspicious 10th Ave

8:32 pm, Animal call Parkland Dr

10:11 pm, Theft Silverberg Dr.

10:50 am, Traffic Complaint Hwy 30 & Hwy 385

10:50 am, Welfare Check Illinois St

1:06 pm, Traffic Stop Hwy 385

12:25 pm, Code Violation Birch St

12:28 pm, Traffic Stop[ Link 17J

12:39 pm, Traffic Stop Link 17J

1:22 pm, Criminal Mischief Linden St

2:07 pm, Traffic St op King St

2:22 pm, Traffic Stop Od Post Rd

3:11 pm, Traffic Stop 12th Ave

3:51 pm, Protection Order Violation

4:41 pm, Animal Call Forrest St

7:33 pm, Medical Call El Rancho Rd

7:38 pm, Suspicious Activity, Silverberg Dr

8:01 pm, Property Found Anglers Ln

8:23 pm, Traffic Complaint 11th Ave

8:52 pm, Civil call Forrest St

9:56 pm, False Reporting Illinois St

9:57 pm, Threats Illinois St

10:03 pm, Civil call Forrest St

10:08 pm, Threats Illinois St

11:02 pm, Agency Assist Illinois St

11:16 pm Animal Call Jackson St

11:43 pm, Assault Deaver Drive

October 23

7:33 am, Traffic St op 17J Link

9:13 am, Traffic Stop Commerce Ct

9:21 am, Civil Standby, Keep the peace Cabela Dr

10:17 am, Traffic Stop Old Post Rd

2:15 pm, Disturbance Linden ST

3:36 pm, Theft Old Post Rd

6:33 pm, Alarm Business Fort Sidney RD

6:48 pm, Traffic Stop 11th Ave

9:23 pm, Traffic Stop Fort Sidney RD

9:56 pm, Traffic Complaint Quince St

10:09 pm, Missing Juvenile El Rancho RD

11:19 pm, Suspicious person Sidney Draw RD

11:32 pm, Traffic Stop Jackson St

October 24

7:29 am Traffic Stop Maple ST

8:45 am, Traffic Accident, no injury, Old Post Rd

12:18pm, Traffic Accident, no in jury Silverberg Dr

1:24 pm, Disturbance Linden St

4:05 pm, Medical Call Illinois ST

4:42 pm, Theft 22nd Ave

6:28 pm, Traffic Stop 17J link

6:37 pm, Traffic Stop Old Post RD

7:07 pm, Suspicious Vehicle Jackson ST

7:11 pm, Traffic Stop Ball St

7:14 pm, Traffic Stop Spruce St

7:31 pm, Traffic Stop Old Post Rd

7:43 pm, Traffic stop 22nd Ave

11:47 pm, DUI Sidney

October 25

9:54 am, Property found Illinois St

10:10 am, Parking Complaint Linden St

1d0:46 am, Parking complaint King St

10:57 am, Parking complaint 14th Ave

11:22 am, Citizen assist Hickory St

12:49 pm, House Watch Illinois St

3:13 pm, Traffic stop 19th Ave

3:37 pm, Traffic complaint Illinois St

5:33 pm, Traffic Complaint Illinois St

7:31 pm, Suspicious person Osage St

7:35 pm, Welfare Check 11th Ave

9:31 pm, Civil call Dodge St

10:02 pm, Suspicious Vehicle Forrest St

October 26

2:43 am, Suicide, 59 Interstate 80

3:51 am, Suspicious Vehicle, 10th Ave

8:06 am, Parking complaint Osage ST

9:27 am, Suspicious Activity Jennifer Lane

9:29 am, Parking complaint, Quince ST

10:01 am, Parking complaint country club Rd

10:52 am, Dumping illegally Grant St

11:10 am, Animal call Sky Rd

12:20 pm, Civil call Upland Pkwy

12:52 am, Traffic stop Old Post Rd

1:33 pm, Citizen Assist Landfill

1:33 pm, Child abuse Jackson St.

1:50 pm, Disturbance Deborah Dr

3;18 pm, Theft Illinois St

7:44 pm, Disturbance Sky Rd

8:40 pm, Suspicious activity 19th Ave

8:59 pm, 911 hang up/open line Dodge St

October 27

7:40 am, Disturbance

8:32 am, Parking complaint jackson St

8:40 am, Parking Complaint 22nd Ave

10:40 am, Parking complaint 14th Ave

10:48 am, Fraud Sidney

11:38 am, Citizen Assist, Illinois St

2:10 pm, Disturbance, 10th Ave

3:48 pm, 91 Hang up/open line, 14th Ave

4:21 pm, Civil call, Illinois St

5:15 pm, Suspicious Activity Lodgepole Rd

6:43 pm, Suspicious Vehicle Osage St

9:39 pm, Traffic Stop Osage St

9:43 pm, Traffic Stop Linden St

9:45 pm, Suspicious person Upland Pkwy

10:05 pm, Citizen Contact, Glover Rd

Sidney Fire Department

Oct. 28

The Sidney Volunteer Fire Department, Sidney Police Department and the Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office responded to a house fire near 19th and Forrest Streets at approximately 7:41 am Thursday morning, Oct. 28.  The Sidney Police Department, Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office and the Nebraska State Fire Marshall’s Office continue to investigate a single fatality associated with the fire.

An autopsy was ordered yesterday. At this time, the manner of death appears to be accidental. Next of kin have been identified. The deceased has been identified as Mary Ann Evans, 62 of Sidney, Nebraska.

Cheyenne County Sheriff’s Office

Oct. 28

A parked truck at a residence coasted into a parked trailer and through a yard before colliding with a residence in Potter. Skyler Hillyer, started his truck at about 5:51 a.m. Thursday and went back inside his residence. Once inside, he observed the truck rolling south down the street. The truck was loaded with sugar beets. The truck collided with a pick-up bed homemade trailer parked in front of 430 Maple Street and owned by Matt Jones. The truck then went into Suzanne and Tony Ottoson’s yard, leaving ruts and damaging the concrete sidewalk to the south and east of the home. Hillyar caught up to the truck and tried to get inside. The truck collided with the road and ejected Hillyar from the side of the truck, landing on Sherman Street. The truck continued south, striking the east side of 330 Maple Street residence owned by Miles and Helen Killham. Helen Killham was in the living room and witnessed the truck collide with the house.


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