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ALLO Communications to Invest in 10 Gigabit Network in Sidney, Nebraska

IMPERIAL and LINCOLN, NE (November 29, 2021) – ALLO Communications today announced a fiber-to-the-premise project offering 10 Gigabit bandwidth in Sidney.

ALLO will begin construction in Sidney in Spring 2022 after working closely with the city to complete the necessary agreements. ALLO President and CEO Brad Moline stated, "Developing Sidney as a gigabit society will further ALLO's investments in the panhandle region of Nebraska. ALLO's fiber investment will ensure that Sidney is connected at a world- class level."

Sidney Mayor, Roger Gallaway, stated, "We are very pleased to announce the addition of ALLO Communications to Sidney. Anytime you can attract a quality company that wants to invest in your community as a local partner - is a great thing. We look forward to their ability to provide fiber access and services to every residence, business, school, and government entity."

ALLO's network will feature 10 Gigabit symmetric service providing equal upload and download speeds to each small business and residential customer optimized by a world-class Wi-Fi 6 router. Additionally, businesses of all sizes will have the support of ALLO's fiber-rich network delivering active and passive solutions without installation fees and restrictive contracts – keeping your service hassle-free every step of the way. Services will include internet, data transport, video, voice, phone systems, and redundant connectivity to AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers.

David Scott, Sidney City Manager, said, "This local partnership will allow ALLO Communications to bring fiber to Sidney businesses and residents alike. We have been working on this for a long time, so it is great to see it come together."

"We believe that communities should have access to exceptional communications," continued Moline. "ALLO's purpose is to enable and future-proof each community we serve to open up windows of opportunity. Our Sidney neighbors are near ALLO's original locations and we look forward to contributing to Sidney's successful future."

ALLO currently serves 21 communities in Nebraska, Colorado, and Arizona, with a total population of more than 800,000. We will bring our award-winning customer service and internet speeds to Sidney in early 2022. Hassle-free service and a 100% fiber-optic network will improve how students learn and employees work, whether from home, schools, or business.

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About ALLO Communications

ALLO Communications specializes in providing world-class communications and entertainment services by creating gigabit communities. In 2004, ALLO began building its first gigabit fiber markets and today provides ubiquitous fiber networks supported by nearly 700 team members. ALLO currently has operations in 21 cities, including 16 in Nebraska, 4 in Colorado, and 1 in Arizona, with a total population of more than 800,000.


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