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Nebraska State Patrol

Troopers Respond to Over 150 Weather-Related Incidents,

Cruiser Hit

DECEMBER 11 (GRAND ISLAND)  — Nebraska State Troopers responded to more than 150 weather-related incidents during the winter storm that covered much of Nebraska with snow on Friday. One of those incidents involved a trooper’s patrol unit being struck by a semi, while the trooper responded to another crash.

At approximately 8:50 p.m. Friday, emergency crews responded to a crash near Elm Creek on Interstate 80. An eastbound semi had lost control, crossed the median, and struck another semi and a Chevrolet Traverse. The driver of the Chevrolet was treated for non-life-threatening injuries at the hospital and has since been released.

While responding to that crash, a trooper parked his patrol unit in the median. Another semi then jack-knifed while approaching the crash scene and struck the patrol unit, totaling it. Thankfully, the trooper was outside the vehicle at the time and was not injured, nor was the semi driver. The entire crash scene blocked both directions of travel on Interstate 80 for approximately three hours.

“We are extremely thankful our trooper was not injured. This incident could have been tragic,” said Colonel John Bolduc. “This is a prime example of why we plead with motorists to slow down in winter driving conditions.”

In total, NSP responded to 35 crashes, performed 117 motorist assists, and assisted other agencies in 29 incidents. Approximately half of those incidents occurred after 6:00 p.m. Friday.

“Though the snow has stopped, winter driving conditions continue across much of the state today,” said Colonel Bolduc. “Please check conditions with 511 Nebraska before traveling, wear your seat belt, and watch your speed.”

Cheyenne County Sheriff's Office

Dec. 8

4:58 a.m., Welfare Check, Lodgepole.

7:55 a.m., Follow-Up, Leyton Elementary School, Gurley.

9:44 a.m., Welfare Check, Potter-Dix Elementary School.

10:34 a.m., Traffic Complaint, I-80, Deuel County.

12:56 p.m., Welfare Check, 1200 block Village Way, Sidney.

2:39 p.m., Warrant Entry.

3:56 p.m., Information Only, Sidney High School.

4:58 p.m., Non-Injury Traffic Accident, Roads 32 and 109.

5:46 p.m., Training, Torrington, Wyo.

7:55 p.m., Paper Service, 500 block 20th Avenue, Sidney.

8:16 p.m., Paper Service, 800 block 15th Avenue, Sidney.

8:27 p.m., Phone Harassment, 1800 block Linden Street, Sidney.

Dec. 7

7:03 a.m., Animal Call, Highway 19 and Road 113.

10:21 a.m., Juvenile Problems, Sidney Middle School.

10:21 a.m., Motor Vehicle Inspection, Sidney High School.

11:16 a.m., Follow-Up, Platte Valley Bank, 901 10th Ave., Sidney.

11:50 a.m., Follow-Up, 3000 block Silverberg Drive, Sidney

1:36 p.m., Welfare Check, Dalton.

1:42 p.m., Bond Violation, 900 block Hickory Street.

2:09 p.m., Follow-Up, 300 block Dakota Road.

2:42 p.m., follow-Up, 1300 block Village Way, Sidney.

3:54 p.m., Sexual Assault, 1600 block Stephenson, Cheyenne County.

Sidney Police Department

Dec. 9

2:52 a.m., Follow-Up, SRMC, 1000 Pole Creek Crossing.

7:54 a.m., Narcotics Violation, 1700 block Illinois Street.

8:49 a.m., Code Violation, 3000 block Silverberg Drive.

8:57 a.m., Information only.

9:09 a.m., Animal Call, 2700 block El Rancho Road.

9:57 a.m., Traffic Complaint, 1200 block Jackson Street.

10:03 a.m., Code Violation, 1300 block Osage Street.

1:36 p.m., Follow-Up, 600 block Chase Drive.

5:20 p.m., 911 Hang Up/Open Line, 1100 block Illinois Street.

6:09 p.m. Suspicious Activity, 2900 block Upland Parkway.

6:44 p.m., Parking Complaint, 600 block Chase Blvd.

8:53 p.m., Traffic Stop, 11th Avenue and Toledo Street.

9:54 p.m., Traffic Stop, 11th Avenue and Parkland Drive.

Dec. 8

12:12 a.m., Information only.

4:16 a.m., Follow-up.

5:43 a.m., Information only, Sheriff's Office.

6:10 a.m. Suspicious Vehicle, 2400 block Parkview Road,.

7:52 a.m., Non-Injury Traffic accident, 13th Avenue and Newton Street.

8:12 a.m., Follow-Up, 600 block Chase Blvd.

8:17 a.m., Code Violation, 600 block Chase Blvd.

8:26 a.m., Parking Complaint, 2000 block 12th Avenue.

8:33 a.m., Welfare Check, 600 block Charlotte Drive.

8:52 a.m., Information Only, 1200 block Summit Drive.

11:50 a.m., Follow-Up, 400 block Illinois Street.

12:35 p.m., Suspicious Activity, 2000 block Forrest Street.

3:46 p.m., Threats, Sidney.

7:12 p.m., Traffic Stop, Fort Sidney Road and Illinois Street.

7:52 p.m., Traffic Stop, 3000 block Silverburg Drive.

8:08 p.m., Traffic Stop, 3000 block Silverburg Drive.

8:18 p.m., Parking Complaint, Silverberg Drive.

8:20 p.m., Parking Complaint, Silverberg Drive and Jennifer Lane.

11:29 p.m. Shots fire, 600 block Chase Blvd.

11:38 p.m., Welfare Check, Jennifer Lane.

11:42 p.m., Assault, cold report; 700 block Jennifer Lane.

Dec. 6

No injuries were reported when two vehicles collided at the intersection of Illinois Street and 11th Avenue at 5:01 p.m. A 2006 gray Chevrolet Malibu was westbound on Illinois Street as a 2014 Hyundai Sonata entered Illinois Street from North 11th Avenue. The Chevrolet veered to the north and collided with the light pole at the northwest corner.

8:02 a.m., Harassment, 1600 block Manor Road.

8:56 a.m., Parking Complaint, 1100 block 17th Avenue.

9:28 a.m., Parking Complaint, 100 block East Drive.

9:39 a.m., Medical Call, 2400 block Canterbury Lane.

10 a.m., Follow-Up, 600 block Chase Blvd.

10:27 a.m., Traffic Complaint, County Roads 10 and 113.

10:46 a.m. Citizen Assist, 400 block Illinois Street.

11:13 a.m., Warrant Service, 1200 block Summit Drive.

1:45 p.m., Follow-Up, 1200 block Spruce Street.

2:12 p.m., Information Only, 1300 block Spruce Street.

2:33 p.m., Parking Complaint, 600 block Chase Blvd.

2:35 p.m., Juvenile Problems, 1600 block Elm Street.

2:59 p.m., Animal Call, Police Department.

3:57 p.m., Citizen Assist, 1900 block Illinois Street.

4:04 p.m., Traffic Stop, U.S. Highway 30 and US Highway 385.

5:02 p.m., Traffic Accident, Unknown Injury, 12th Avenue and Illinois Street.


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