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Sidney Schools Students of the Month

The Monthly Performance Award acknowledges other criteria as well as achievement. These criteria are:

1. Superior academic performance, (or), dramatic improvement of classroom work, G.P.A. or attitude toward learning.

2. Exceptional work effort toward a particular class project.

3. Outstanding Contribution to the class.

4. Leadership exhibited in the class/school.

5. Citizenship emphasized and modeled.

6. Service to school.

Recognized for the November 2021 Performance Awards are:

7th Grade – Valerie Fiscus: Valerie Fiscus is the seventh grade student of the month for November. Since the beginning of the school year, Valerie has demonstrated responsibility and hard work in all subject areas. She accepts challenges with a positive attitude and comes to class each day ready to learn. Valerie is a strong example for other students, both academically, and socially. She completes work carefully and maintains a high GPA while participating in extracurricular activities. Valerie is the daughter of Jeff and Ellen Fiscus.

8th Grade – Keian Kaiser: Keian Kaiser has been selected as the 8th-grade student of the month. Keian is very active in the school. He is a very positive leader, and a strong student in the classroom. Thank you Keian, for being a great student and a leader in the classroom. Keep working hard. Keian is the son of Kurt and Sarah Kaiser.

9th Grade – Deanna Horst: Deanna is an excellent student. She comes to class prepared and every day she is ready to learn. Even though she night be a quiet person, she does not shy away to help classmates understand. Deanna is involved inn volleyball, show choir, speech, 4-H, and accompanying the Sidney Choir. She loves to play piano and sew for 4-H and other competitions. As for Deanna's future plans, she's not sure what career she will pursue, but she would definitely like to study music and is interested in Neurology. In addition, Deanna hopes to play college sports. Deanna's parents are Maury and Diane Horst.

10th Grade – Trasyn Uhrig: Trasyn is a kind, compassionate, and a hardworking student. He is helpful and has genuine concern for other students and teachers. Trasyn is always one to put his best foot forward and is known to be an active participant in the classroom. He displays great character attributes and serves as an outstanding role model for the rest of his peers. This is my second year having Trasyn as a student. Last year, Trasyn had a tendency to turn in work late and did not often participate in class. This year, I have seen Trasyn come out of his shell. He is quick to participate in class, especially when it comes to answering comprehension questions as we read “Lord of the Flies.” He has done an excellent job this year staying on top of his assignments, completing work on time, and ensuring it is of high quality. Trasyn also does a great job paying attention during class and I appreciate his consistently positive attitude. He improvement is wonderful to see, and I have no doubt he will continue to excel throughout the rest of his high school career! Trasyn is involved in football, works at Dairy Queen and enjoys playing sports. Trasyn future plans include going to a community college or trade school to earn his degree in mechanical engineering or diesel mechanics. Trasyn's parents are Jennifer and Cody Uhrig.

11th Grade – Mariana Parra: Mariana is an excellent student in my American Literature/Composition class, doing a great job with her Q2 Research Paper. She is also a value member of our Sidney High School One Act team, stepping into her role late and working very hard to get up to speed. She is responsible and dependable, and does a wonderful job balancing her job, classwork, extra-curricular activites and personal responsibilities. She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. Mariana is involved in JTOH club, Drama club, One Acts, mentors at West Elementary and is in Sidney Choir. In addition to these activities, she is a Barista at Starbucks. Mariana loves to crochet and enjoys art. Her future plans include earning her bachelor's degree at UNL in Graphic Art and Design in hopes of owning her own digital design business and company. Mariana's mother is Elicia Castano.

12th Grade – Austin Wolfe: Austin has always expressed a willingness to achieve a higher level, with anything he does. This includes classroom effort, and his ability to lead other classmates. Austin is involved in Skills USA, football, and baseball. Also, Austin works for Thomas Oilfield and Welding Services and enjoys hunting and fishing. I plan on going to college to earn an associates degree in welding technology. Austin's parents are Billy and Misty Wolfe.


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