By Michael K. Sunderland
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Merry Christmas


December 22, 2021

Christmas is just around the corner from the time this article hits the street. Hopefully this Christmas will be merry and bright for you and your family, in spite of the chaos that has hit our nation this year.

This article will be my Christmas gift to each of you. Since I do not have unlimited funds, nor any government subsidies or grants, I wish to give you far more valuable gifts.

First: To each of you I pray that our Lord Jesus will provide each member of your family with a sense of belonging to each other.

Second: I pray that regardless of your economic status you will receive the ultimate Christmas gift: Security in belonging to Jesus.

Third: I pray that you and your family will draw closer together in love and in spirit.

Fourth: May you and your neighbors extend helping hands to each other and to anyone nearby who is in need.

Fifth: I pray that regardless of what happens in the year to come that you will be blessed with a joy that government cannot provide.

Sixth: I pray that God will give each of you the strength to stand up against unlawful intrusions into your families and freedoms.

Seventh: Finally I pray that together we can work towards a brighter and freedom filled future.

I thank God for each and every one of you. Your comments have been greatly appreciated and they give me encouragement to continue to speak out (and in print!) about the things that I believe affects us all, and to support those values that I believe to be the ones that have made America a great nation, Nebraska a great state, and Sidney a great town.

Have a Blessed Merry Christmas.


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