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For the Leyton Community's Consideration:

Recently, selected members of the Leyton School Community received a letter concerning the upcoming recall vote of Rol Rushman & Suzy Ernest titled “Know Before You Vote.” Although the letter was unsigned and had no return address, it bears a very similar format to documents and speeches presented at Leyton School Board meetings from certain individuals! I’ve always thought opinions in an unsigned letter are worthless!!

The anonymous letter states that this “mess” started when Suzy and Rol came on as new Board members. It started much earlier than the author(s) stated. Previous Leyton Board me...


Reader Comments(2)

Shicks writes:

Thank you Mr. Rushman. In my opinion, this letter was sent to intimidate those who have a different view, Not to inform them! Sherri Hicks

Warriors writes:

Love the new track and science room. A fantastic investment in the kids and school district. Much better than what appears to be $300k+ spent on the superintendent fiasco!