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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-haired Point of View 

Energy Crisis '74


January 26, 2022 | View PDF

There was a humorous record released in 1974 by the comedy team of Buchanan and Goodman, titled “Energy Crisis ‘74” Below is a word-for-word transcription of the lyrics…

“We’re here at the White House for a special report on the energy crisis. Mr. President, have you any statements? “Leave me alone. Just leave me alone.” Mr. President, what really caused the energy crisis?” “Smokin’ in the boy’s room.” During the crisis, how much gas will motorists be allowed? “Just enough for the city.” Who do you believe the gas shortage will affect the most? “Helen, Helen Wheels” Mr. President, the crisis must be solved. What do you intend to do? “Keep on playin’ those mind games.” With me now is the head of the Federal Energy Office. Sir, you hold an important position. What are your qualifications? “I’m a joker, I’m a smoker, I’m a midnight toker.” Mr. President, have you anything to add? “Leave me alone, just leave me alone.” Here with me is the new Vice President, Chevy Ford. Sir, how would you sum up the gas shortage? “Goodbye yellow brick road.” (Telephone rings) We have a long distance call from Saudi Arabia. King Faisal, is that you? “Hello, it’s me.” King Faisal, what are your thoughts when look out at all those oil wells? “You’re beautiful and you’re mine!” I have Golda Meir of Israel on the other phone. What should I tell her? “Won’t you tell her that I love her.” Mr. President, have you any added comment? “Leave me alone, just leave me alone.” Mr. President, the American people are waiting. Have you a statement? “I’m on top of the world lookin’ down on creation.” We’d like to continue this record on the Energy Crisis but we’ve run out of energy…”

After listening to President Biden’s speeches and last week’s Q&A presser, man! I had to look up the lyrics to the above song. It has been years, man, since I last heard this song, but man! Come on man, it sure looks like Biden used the same writers that came up with this song. As a former forensic debater I can’t help but notice the similarities to the techniques of the losing teams we debated in the late ‘60s.

When it became evident that our competition was losing they always turned to the desperate gambits of deflection (attempting to change the topic) and using unfounded “facts” (out right lies). Then their arguments always degenerated into mumbo jumbo and confusion. Needless to say, they lost the debate and my team won.

Another favorite tactic of the losing team was to “slant” the interpretation of the facts. This technique generally involved quoting bits and pieces of “facts” and stringing them together as if they were a coherent entity.

These were easy to detect, as there was usually a series of short (or long) pauses in the speaker’s presentation as he tried to bring the disparate items into some semblance of rationality. It is becoming more and more apparent that President Joe Biden and the power hungry Democratic Party is in even more disarray than I thought. The President and the Dems seem to be desperately trying to make a coherent picture of their party and their agenda. They have failed.

Biden does not have the backbone to stand against the more strident left wing (AKA socialist) members of the party.

I could go on at length, but allow me to make one last argument against the current national administration.

We have one more chance to apply the brakes to the obvious attempts of the party in power to prevent future changes to the current status quo. They are trying to make it impossible to boot them out of power through the normal channel of a free and legal voting system. They want to “federalize” our nation’s voting system so that Washington bureaucrats have the power over our nation’s voting system. That is not how the Constitution of the United States established the system of choosing the members of our national government.

The individual states are clearly given the authority over this aspect of our selection of President, Vice President, Senators and Representatives. The current power push to establish a centralized power structure is clearly un-American and a clear danger to our basic freedoms as Americans.

I AM NOT suggesting any kind of violent reaction. I AM pleading with all American citizens who love the liberties we have to make your voices heard. Take every opportunity to tell our Senators and Representatives to defend our rights; to stand against the formation of a central oligarchy that would exercise power over every aspect of our lives. And then vote this current set of rascals out of power. We may not get another chance.

As our founding fathers warned, this nation is always a very short distance away from being destroyed.


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