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By David Bryan

Needle Point or Gunpoint?


February 16, 2022 | View PDF

Did I heart it right? If I choose to not get the vaccine, the powers that be (local, state or federal) can come to my home and arrest me by gunpoint and put me in lockdown?

Some state far-left legislators are threatening and apparently doing just that to the unvaccinated. I’ve also heard that some city officials are confining the unvaccinated in their cities to their homes.

Really? On what authority?

As far as I have heard or know there is no law (local, state or federal) that makes it a crime to be unvaccinated. Illegal mandates, even those proposed by the President, are not being enforced by the Supreme Court. By the laws of the United States of America and the Constitution, the unvaccinated are not criminals. Why should they be treated as such? If I choose to not be vaccinated, that is my business and nobody else’s. The medicine and medical treatment of myself is mine to choose and nobody else’s. If the truth be known, the vaccine is probably more harmful than bodily good. Even if it isn’t, it is my right and freedom to choose to get it or not.

Does it seem strange to you that the ones who may arrest you by gunpoint are the same ones who want to take away your gun rights?

If anyone should be arrested and locked up, it should be the far-left who have sold out to the Chinese regime for the crime of treason. Also, school unions and board should be arrested, locked out of our schools, for the corrupting, physical and mental harming and attempted kidnapping of our children.

Did they give birth to our children? Are they their legal guardians? Who gave them that authority? Needle point or gunpoint is not a choice of the powers that be and it is not a choice that we should have to make either.

David Bryan

Unvaccinated by my God-given right

P.S.: How many of you, who are reading this, are fully or partially vaccinated? Have you got sick or COVID since you were vaccinated?

I have heard that many fully vaccinated people have been diagnosed with COVID. Could this be true? Is the vaccine really effective and safe? Think about this before you condemn and criminalize others.


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