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By Ivy Joy Johnson
The Joy Mission 

Delta Dawn When The Light Comes On

Week 7


February 23, 2022 | View PDF

Parables and stories cause us to remember valuable life lessons.  Jesus’ Disciples asked, “Why do you speak to them in parables?”.  Jesus answered, “… Because seeing they do not see, and hearing they do not hear, nor do they understand. [For if] they understood with their hearts and turned [from wicked ways],  I would heal them.”  Matthew 13:11-17.  All parables are about God the Father, Jesus the Son, the Kingdom of righteousness and you.

Stories like my husband, Frank, driving school children in a big, yellow bus and a traveler who seeks shelter from the storms of life, relate to today.  When circumstances and/or emotions overwhelm us, it is important to stop our forward direction, look about ourselves and listen for God’s Voice to see and hear (understand) His solution.  Yes, we can ‘Rambo’ through circumstances of life, but knowledge, wisdom and understanding may not be present with such a method.

‘Situational awareness’, is a swift assessment of resources and options at our disposal.  We quickly place various possibilities into probable scenarios.  Sights and sounds, in each circumstance, are essential to wise choices, but hearing how and when God would have us move is vital.

Stopping, looking and listening for a locomotive, which, should it hit the bus, would instantly, and drastically, change the future for everyone involved.   Government, like a steaming locomotive, hoots and toots over-reach into private lives where the impact of the ‘hit’ on personal freedom is explosive and unfathomable to human understanding.

However, one-inch sized blocks of wood, placed in front of the wheels of a locomotive, keep it from starting down the tracks, even under power.  But when locomotives get up to speed, even a 5-foot thick, cement barrier cannot stop one.

Political platforms are revised by Democrats and Republicans each Presidential election.  Today’s political precepts were written in 2020 and will continue until 2024. They reflect the ‘agenda’ of each party.  But the agenda of the Bible, is the narrative which adheres most closely to the U.S. Constitution.  What say you?

YOUR voice acts as a block of wood to alter the forward progress of runaway government!  Raise your voice!  Get involved.  Nominate a candidate and/or become one.  Study our Constitution.  Ask candidates: “What is your position on life in the womb?  How do you stand on marriage?  What is Israel to you?” The field will narrow, quickly. For more info go to and  VOTE!

“,,, be filled with the knowledge of His will in all wisdom and spiritual understanding … walk worthy of the Lord  … being fruitful (stirred to act) in every good work ..” Colossians 1:9, 10 

Next Week: Amazing Grace!


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