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Delta Dawn When The Light Comes On

Week 11


March 23, 2022 | View PDF

America is God’s country.  By His design it was founded in 1620 by godly people we call Pilgrims. 

With no book but the Bible and no king, but King Jesus, their intrepid spirit survived starvation and exposure.  Natives took note of this never-before-seen strength, or anointing, which they call ‘medicine’.  Pilgrim families came to build, unlike the pillage and plundering of Vikings and other raiders.

This same, fearless, brave, forward moving quality is found here, in America’s heartland where we value life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.   Recently we had opportunity to meet, and greet, these forceful qualities in the People’s Convoy to Washington D. C.  Truckers know shutting down their operations will force commerce into a state of rigor mortis.

However, truckers may not know we care.  We must tell, and show, them honor wherever we find opportunity.  When we met this particular group of truckers, we didn’t have any money on us.  What we did have, we gave: encouragement, prayer, sound words from Scripture. That day, diesel was a dollar higher than gasoline.   It became evident to us that hope could be ignited with some ‘long green’.  Shake a hand.  Say thanks.  Buy a meal.  Value their work and ethics.

From society’s birth, we’ve owed our lives to the fact that it rains and a few inches of topsoil.  Without truck drivers, our wheat, corn, beans, sunflowers and livestock do not arrive at market.  Without fuel, the supply lines stutter, choke and die.  Without the marketplace government fails.  Without cooperation our nation is lost.  But, we, the people, are equal to such recurring challenges.

A twenty-dollar bill may seem insufficient, but can be vital in need. The ‘handout’ and a ‘leg up’ appear equal, at first.  One fails the character test when returning for another twenty.  Understanding God’s Kingdom laws based on sowing (giving) and reaping (receiving) is not evident.  Intrepid and wise people  place faith in these words: “Indeed, the Kingdom of God is within YOU.”  Luke 17:21

Jesus states, “Seek ye first the KINGDOM of God and His righteousness (right standing) and all these things (you need) will be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33. 

Since the Bible is true, we expect these words to work, so we act upon them.  We are fully equipped to overcome evil with good, wherever and whenever opportunity arises.  We are qualified to uplift, assist, encourage and strengthen our fellows.  Together, we hold truth as a banner, strong as the Pilgrims did.  Together, we can keep truckers trucking, raising families and re-building American values for the future.  Rest assured, “The prudent are crowned with knowledge, wisdom and understanding, Evil shall bow before their good.”  Proverbs 14:19-20.

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