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By Ivy Joy Johnson
The Joy Mission 

Delta Dawn When The Light Comes On Week 12


March 30, 2022 | View PDF

Jesus never does ministry alone. He trains DO-ers! Twelve do-ers became Disciples; Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors, and Teachers. Mark 16:16-20.

Three stout-hearted fishermen, Peter, James and John, knew how to separate good from bad, how to catch, clean, present and market appetizing, fresh fish for all. These businessmen provided order, leadership, experience and example.

Matthew, a tax collector, understood financial laws under Roman rule; savvy about who to trust and who not to confide in. A ‘situational awareness’ master.

Andrew and Philip, being eager of heart, sought to find, not only Himself, but whatever might be needed - like bread for 5,000. ‘All in’ right beside Jesus.

Nathaniel, Bartholomew, and James the son of Alphaeus, however unsung, simply trusted, obeyed, followed The Way; reaching for knowledge, wisdom and understanding of His love. Their ears heard and their hearts responded to Jesus alone!

Thomas, and Simon the zealot, because of upbringing, misunderstood covenants of Promise. Seemingly doubtful, they watched for evidence of Messiah. Still, they faithfully followed the Master’s footsteps. Immovable, honest questers of truth.

Judas, unlike these from Galilee, came from Iscariot, a small town east of Jerusalem. He witnessed every healing miracle Jesus performed, walked every road He walked, heard every teaching He taught, even went on his own missionary journey with another Disciple, confessing he lacked nothing on the trip. Yet, Judas died an unbeliever, a liar, a thief, a betrayer.

Messiah Jesus calls us Family! John 15:15 He longed for us before the foundation of the world, to live in His freedom, grace and righteousness. He placed Holy Spirit power within us as absolute proof of this Relationship! See Acts & I John 4:11-13, 17

Beloved, we are exactly the DO-ers our Lord requires, today! Our individual and corporate anointings cause satan to shudder! A Blood bought Church stands fully equipped against corruption. As His Army of the Meek, the full Authority of Messiah is on our offensive sorties to thwart, divert and delay the enemy’s tactical, end-time strategies. Joel 2. Come! Let us BE who He gave His life for us to be: The Glorious Church! Agree in faith, keep ranks, stand arm in arm, shoulder to shoulder and back-to-back fighting for justice, mercy and freedom to worship! Pray for one another! Matthew 24 is here!

Faith is NOW! Why not accept Jesus as your personal Savior and Lord? Pray, “Jesus, come into my heart, clean me up and use me for Your purpose. Send Your Spirit with evidence of speaking in tongues so that we may talk in perfect prayer anytime, any day. I am Your Do-er! I am delivered from sin, healed in my body, prospered in my finances and in love with my family! Thanks! I make You my Lord, in Jesus’ Name! AMEN!” John 3:16. 17

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