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By Ivy Joy Johnson
The Joy Mission 

Delta Dawn When The Light Comes On Week 16


April 27, 2022 | View PDF

Humility (getting together with God) is a step of that exposes, to us, what others already see in our character. 

Humility also serves to halt deception.  Is this truth or lies?  Truth has a ‘golden tone’ which emanates from a pure heart. 

This voice activated cry grabs God’s attention.  Then, He tweaks the desires of the heart into who He created us to be.

At age 15, the V.F.W. Auxiliary President, my mother, asked young ladies to sell Buddy Poppies in support of veterans.  Enrollment was slow.  My opinion was sought.  Previous experience spoke, “There is no reward or recognition in this.”  A Buddy Poppy Queen title was devised, a small trophy purchased, and time allotted for recognizing the young lady who brought in the most money.

Four of us hit the streets.  As selling finished, I approached a gentleman.  “This is my last poppy,” I told him. “It’s yours for just $1”.  He said, “I’ll give you $5, but I don’t want the poppy.  Sell it to that man over there for $10.”  I thanked him and met the other man, relating the previous conversation.  He smiled, saying, “Here’s the $10, but now sell the poppy to that guy, there, for $20”.

Crossing the street, I realized Someone Bigger Than Me was in charge!  Where would He take me?  This third gentleman gave the $20 and pointed to another man, just approaching.  “Sell the poppy to him for $50.”  I swallowed.  When I told this man about my last poppy being only $1, and that his friend had said he would pay $50 for it, he sputtered, but produced a $50 bill.  As I was thanking him, he grabbed the poppy with a gruff, “Gimme that poppy!” and he fled.  At accounting, I was ahead $37.14.  God’s anointing (favor) came to triumph.

Saul of Tarsus emerged uniquely qualified for things he would suffer for Messiah.  A protégée of Gamliel, Israel’s foremost teacher of Torah, he knew the First Covenant to perfection.  In no way did The Way seem good, right or true.  Yet, he had come, running, to Jesus, I believe, as the rich young ruler in Mark 10

Saul must have stalked Jesus’ gatherings, hearing all He taught, but did not find validation for himself, an heir of Israel’s royal tribe of Benjamin.  He obeyed laws of Moses, but how did one gain eternal life?  Saul was not a giver, nor generous, even pugilistic, until Jesus met him on the road to Damascus and changed his life -and name - forever!   The Apostle Paul bought, then ‘sold’ billions on the reality of Redemption via his New Covenant epistles. “That I may know Him … if by any means I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.”  Philippians 3:10,11 NKJV

Your dream is not done. “The Lord has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant”. Psalm 35:27 Artificial flowers or old, dark religious training cannot outshine the prism colors of Messiah’s guarantee: Life ‘til it overflows - Jesus, is His Name.  John 10:10  

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