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Real Climate Change

The Fairbanks Flood of 1967 was followed by more dramatic climate events.

No sooner had 1967 turned into 1968 than we had a winter in which a raging blizzard deposited 16 feet of new snow on the Fairbanks area.

We thought that should be the end of it. The weather was expected to moderate. But no, Mother Nature wasn’t finished with us. She had one more piece of nastiness for us.

The coldest time of the year in Fairbanks comes in January and normally lasts but a week or so. This winter the bottom dropped out of the thermometer in mid-December and for the next 45 days the temperature did not rise above 45 below zero. Many days it shivered around 60 to 75 below zero.

At one time, a blanket of ice fog set in making travel by vehicle an extremely hazardous affair. One of the most traveled roads from Fairbanks to the College and beyond, to the west and north of town followed a spur of the Chena River for several miles.

It was a two lane, winding road that was never the easiest to traverse even in the best of weather. In the ice fog it was treacherous. Ice fog became so thick that it was all but impossible to see more than a few feet, and a car’s windshield wipers were required to keep the windshield clear. I drove one of the last few cars to make the traverse before the road was closed for the duration.

When the fog lifted 12 days later tow trucks were required to clear the road before it could be opened to traffic. In one spot 10 vehicles were piled up nose to tail with several of them many yards off the road, almost in the river. They were following each other’s taillights and when the leader went off the road on a curve the others followed right behind. Fortunately no one was injured as speed was reduced to a crawl. There were a few cases of frostbite incurred when the vehicles’ occupants had to walk about a mile before they found a home where they could get in out of the 65 below zero cold.

Over the next couple of months the weather slowly began to moderate. Periodically I’ve checked on the weather patterns in Alaska and have not seen a repeat of the 1968 blizzard, nor of the long lasting super cold temperatures.

Normal snowfalls and winter temps seem to have settled back into the northern weather system. But knowing what kind of fits Mother Nature is capable of throwing, I wouldn’t put it past her to hit Fairbanks, and Lord only know where else, with more surprises.

It seems that the more we think we know about the world God created and sin damaged, the more we are blindsided. These weather fits that nature throws will really get nasty during the last seven years of this Earth’s existence. Check out the Book of Revelation and learn what real weather change can be like when God has had enough of mankind’s rebellion.

P.S. All the climate change laws and regulations Biden and the rest of the extreme left wants to put into effect will accomplish absolutely nothing climate wise. What they are really trying to do is put the average American into the chains of a central government.

If they have their way you will work when and where they tell you. You will live and dress according to their dictates. Your diet will be controlled. Every aspect of your life will be regulated.

This is what the far left climate dictators want. We used to call this kind of government communism, socialism and fascism.


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