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Dear Editor:

Perhaps you have heard that President Biden is on his way to meet with the World Health Organization (WHO) to draw up an amendment to their constitution which will put all United States health care in the hands of WHO. This means that WHO will tell us if we are healthy or not, if we really need medical help, which Dr. to see and when to see him/her. WHO sessions begin Sunday May 22 and go through May 28, but Mr. Biden has already decided to present this amendment to WHO for adoption.

You may recall that U.S. Constitution DOES NOT ALLOW government to get involved in our health care, least of all turn it over to any other government.

Please call the White House, today, while it is still Friday, ask for your Senator or Representative and tell them “DO NOT to allow this!” The number is 202-224-3121.

Thank you for standing up for our freedoms! Our Senators and Reps may think they could escape such restriction because of their political clout, but as Mordecai told Esther in 4:14: “If you remain completely silent at this time, relief and deliverance will arise for [the U.S.] from another place, but you and your house will perish. Yet, who knows whether you have come to [this moment] for such a time as this.”

Thank you, again!

Ivy Joy & Frank



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