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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-Haired Point of View 

Look Out! I'm Back!


August 24, 2022 | View PDF

With the permission of my wife, of course. So buckle up and prepare for another series of politically incorrect articles.

After watching the serious over reach of the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party In Power, aka FBI’s raid on former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a Lago residence, I can not remain silent.

Yes, this might be dangerous as it could induce the radical left into requesting their army of political correctness enforcers to raid my home, subject me to a strip search and put me in leg irons. So be it. Someone has to start standing up against this radical unAmerican and illegal trend that seems to have infected our current national government.

Beginning with the January 6 investigation by obviously power hungry members of Congress, the egregious treatment of their political “enemies” (putting them in leg irons, strip searches, etc.) and progressing to the recent armed invasion of President Donald Trump’s Florida residence, we’ve watched things happen in America that previously only happened in Soviet Russia, Red China and 3rd world dictatorships.

The last time something like this happened on this continent was during the days before the American Revolution broke Great Britain’s choke hold on the American Colonies. It took a war and the shedding of blood to break that hold.

I hope and pray we DO NOT have to go to that extreme to restore our freedoms. I say “our freedoms” because if they can to it to an ex-President, they can do to you and I.

So, instead of the bullet box, all freedom loving Americans need to use the ballot box in coming elections. I strongly urge every voter to take a close look at every candidate and every issue on the November ballot.

Do your homework IN ADVANCE. Learn precisely what each candidate espouses. Look at their voting records and compare that with their press releases. Who you select with your vote can make the difference between a free nation and slavery to everyone, except, of course, the political elite.

We, The People, need to take back control of government, starting with the local level and making OUR way up to the national level. It is time to break the power of the elite and bring it back to We, The People. Yes, I know such a program could entail hazard. Standing up to bullies always does. But if you don’t, you’ll eventually regret it.

In future articles I’ll be using my past experiences to illustrate the why’s and where for’s I believe what I do, and why I take the stand that I do. I do this for one reason, and one reason only: to remind each of us of our past. Look at where you started, then look at where you are and choose where you want to be in the future. Your vote counts.

My forebears fought in every war for freedom from the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, two World Wars, and the Korean war. I enlisted during the Vietnam War, my eldest son served in the Army at Eagle Base in Bosnia, my eldest daughter was stationed on Guam, and my eldest granddaughter was in Afghanistan.

Now, I take my stand with the printed word, rather than the bullet. God help us to use the spoken and written word to bring America out from under the heavy boot of political correctness and back into the blessedness of freedom.

If we fail to do so this coming election, we may never have another chance.


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