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Oh Look! More Changes! Yay!

Said no one ever. No one realllly likes change, but sometimes it can be a good thing. Unlike a trip to the grocery store or gas station, at least this change won't involve spending more money. Like every other business, we are faced with constantly rising costs. And once again, we really are doing everything we can to prevent price increases for our readers on subscriptions or single-copy sales, and our advertisers from increased ad-space cost. There have been actual arguments; my arms have been crossed and I have given my very best “angry mom face”. The scary one. It worked. So while you, our readers and advertisers, will not pay one cent more, I still had to find a way to cut our costs instead of passing it on. Starting with this issue, we have fewer pages in our “A” section that print in color. See? Not so bad. Comics will be in black and white again and on a new page. Just like the old days. The community photo pages will be in black and white. Bummer, yes, but you can always bring your thumb drive down to the office and get copies of any photo you like in full color. To make this work, pages had to be re-arranged in the “A” section. So please, before you call us to complain that the crossword puzzle has been moved, remember it is a small price to pay to keep from paying a bigger price.

Barbara Perez,

Publisher, Sun-Telegraph


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