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By Mike Sunderland
Thoughts from a Grey-Haired Point of View 

Pushing Buttons


January 12, 2023

Do you remember the TV show this quote is from: "Push the button, Max!" It was invariably followed with, "That's the wrong button!" instantly followed by chaos. No fair peeking at the answer.

After watching the recent elections and the national news pundits I was reminded of the TV show that frequently used that verbiage in it's scripts. For the most part the show was one comedy foul up after another as the main character tried to accomplish his assignment. The recent elections reminded me of that show... one misstep after another and everyone blaming everyone else.

Both Democrats and Republicans seemed to be following the same basic script and neither one got it right. Rarely did spokespersons from these two major political parties address the real concerns of American citizens. Each seemed to be more focused on taking jabs at the other, in spite of the fact that neither party was able to land a knock out punch.

A few candidates managed to address some of the voters' concerns about the economy. A smaller number mentioned the border crisis in Texas and Arizona and it's impact on the rest of the nation. Some candidates seemed to think you and I are too dumb and preprogramed to really understand what is happening to us.

While elected "public servants" in all state and federal levels seem to be increasingly well paid and their future retirements secure and ample (and then some!), most of us commoners are struggling to make ends meet. This winter, thanks to the climate change scarecrows' screeching, our heating bills are going higher and higher. Most retired persons, especially, will have a harder time than usual making ends meet. Few in Washington seem to care or understand.

One of the most stupid, idiotic drives that continues to surface in the liberal agenda is to reduce and then eliminate the use of petroleum products, i.e. gasoline and diesel fuel. Yet no one has come up with a realistic workable way of doing so without causing extremely major hardships on us middle class and lower wage earners. We do not have enough electrical production, even with the use of nuclear power, to furnish enough wattage to power a nation of electric vehicles. What will move the food, medicines, clothing, etc. that is currently moved by diesel truck and railroads? Same goes for switching to electric heating to replace natural gas and oil. Never mind the other uses of petroleum as lubricants, etc.

So why do they harp and yap on the subject of "climate change"? Simple answer: the use of fear mongering is the easiest way for them to gain control over you and I. They think we are so stupid we can't see the medicine show fakery they are using. Their previous attempt that failed was to try and convince us that the world was headed for a fatal ice age. Remember that one? When that flopped they changed scripts to "we all are going to fry as the environment heats up".

As a long time Republican I am disappointed and ashamed of the national party. Come on, fellows! Focus on what really counts... HINT: Common ordinary wage earning voters who have a whole heckuva a lot more smarts than you political clowns seem to believe we have.

Start paying attention to us ordinary, everyday tax paying voting citizens. Deliver what we want and need, and we'll vote for you. It is time we voters started pushing their buttons. P.S. And we don't need to burn anything down, either! The answer is "Get Smart."


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