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Rotary Seeks to Establish Sidney Chapter

Mike Motz, Sidney Sun-Telegraph

Representatives from Rotary International visited Sidney on Wednesday, March 23, and held a lunchtime meet and greet at WNCC in Sidney. Many of Sidney's service and business leaders attended the function, and were treated to a delicious catered lunch while they learned about Rotary and how they interact and strengthen communities.

With a network of nearly 1.5 million people involved in the organization worldwide, the Rotary mission is to engage in local communities and apply diverse perspectives to support each other and help tackle the most persistent issues that communities face.

The Rotary Organization is very focused on building new chapters through mentorship of existing chapters, and Bob and Jo Mayber of the North Platte Rotary Club hosted the event and talked about how they would be the potential Sidney chapter's mentors, and would be available at all times to help with community-based programs and all of the necessary steps and details on creating and running events here in Cheyenne County.

With a strong network of business and thought leaders to guide and help new clubs establish themselves and organize, Rotary has been a staple of American social organizations for many decades. One of their first big projects was the fight against polio, and their locally-focused efforts were instrumental in eradicating the dreaded disease.

At the end of the event, the organizers said they had a great response from the attendees, and that the individuals involved were exactly the right type of people to get a new chapter up and running. Sidney's business and service organization leaders heard the message of Rotary, and were able to see the value of an international organization with deep resources and talent being able to help the Cheyenne County community with events and programs focused on volunteerism and creating stronger community ties.

For more information on Rotary, please contact Bob or Jo Mayber at (308) 530-1068 or via email at [email protected].


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