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Letter to the Editor

To Whom it May Concern:

When did life become so hard that YOU would steal a cane made for a disabled veteran out of the Sidney Bomgaars men’s room? I know it looks unusual, black thorn wood with an ergonomic flattish handle grip. But it was not yours. It was his Christmas gift. I suggest if you have any self respect left in you at all. That you turn it in to the Sidney Bomgaars as found and give serious thought to the path in life you have chosen. Be assured I am not a Christian praying for your soul. I am Pagan, I walk the path of light and know each and every living being has a soul and everyone is responsible for their actions and their souls. So do not be surprised when the Gods, Goddesses and spirits begin to look unfavorably on you. May they have mercy on your soul, tho I doubt it. No one likes a thief.

Linda Burg


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