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By Mike Motz
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Mike Motz

A solid hit out to the outfield while the third baseman tries to shield his eyes from the sun.

Date: Time: Visitor Home Location

Thursday 06/29/2023 6:00 PM Mound Pounderz Creekside Field 1

Thursday 06/29/2023 6:00 PM Ump Yurz SRMC Field 2

Thursday 06/29/2023 7:15 PM Dalton Dingers Moonshiners Field 1

Thursday 06/29/2023 7:15 PM Inglorious Batters Haupt Field 2

Thursday 06/29/2023 8:30 PM Mashups The Rock Field 1

Thursday 06/29/2023 8:30 PM Red Hot Aces Crush Field 2

Mike Motz

The ball's in play and everybody gets to run, but there's drinks in the dugout for when you're done.

Thursday 06/29/2023 BYE WEEK Bad News Bears

Date: Time: Visitor Home Location

Thursday 07/06/2023 6:00 PM Mashups Crush Field 1

Thursday 07/06/2023 6:00 PM Red Hot Aces Mound Pounderz Field 2

Thursday 07/06/2023 7:15 PM SRMC Creekside Field 1

Thursday 07/06/2023 7:15 PM Moonshiners The Rock Field 2

Thursday 07/06/2023 8:30 PM Inglorious Batters Bad News Bears Field 1

Thursday 07/06/2023 8:30 PM Dalton Dingers Haupt Field 2

Thursday 07/06/2023 BYE WEEK Ump Yurz


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