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Rebuttle to “22-a-day is Now 43-a-day: We Must Do Better” and reader submission, “Unhappy with Local Plumbing Companies”.

Thank you for your continued efforts to highlight the important benefits available to Veterans. Regarding your latest story about the Veteran suicide rate due to Combat Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) or PTSD. The Cheyenne VA Health Care System would like to provide some clarification regarding an inaccurate statement, and we request a correction of the following statement:

Inaccurate statement:

• Basis (or evidence) for clarification: National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report 2022-National-Veteran-Suicide-Prevention-Annual-Report-FINAL-508.pdf (

• Recommended revision: The average number of Veteran suicides per day rose from 16.4 in 2001 to 16.8 in 2020. It was highest in 2018 (18.6 per day). Of the on average 16.8 Veteran suicides per day in 2020, approximately 39.7% (6.7 per day) were among Recent Veteran VHA Users16 and 60.3% (10.1 per day) were among Other Veterans.

Recommended addition to the story (if necessary): In 2020, there were 6,146 Veteran suicides. This was on average 16.8 per day. In 2020, there were 343 fewer Veteran suicides than in 2019, and the number of Veteran suicides was lower than each prior year since 2006.

From 2018 to 2020, age- and sex-adjusted suicide rates for Veterans fell by 9.7%. This was a larger percentage decrease than was observed for non-Veteran U.S. adults (5.5%)

Thank you again for your support of Veterans, and please let us know if you have any questions.


Kerri Puckett

Cheyenne VA Health Care System Public Affairs Officer


To the Editor:

It is always nice to have your mommy take care of you.

Just gives you that snuggling feeling.

However, when it comes to having the ability to do your own laundry it is less than a pleasant feeling. As I send my mother with 5 trash bags full of laundry, I am sad, and embarrassed that I am almost 40, having her do my laundry. We moved to this small town. We moved for a smaller town feeling for my twins to thrive and grow. At the time housing was limited.. We were met with a house that is less than pleasant. We have had several calls to the plumber since day one. We recently had to call in the middle of the night due to the shower, sink, and floor drain in the basement flooding. One company answered. ( after calling our usual place). They used the drain snake and cleared the drain, so we thought.

Next day we did one load of laundry and nothing will drain. I’m not sure about you but a house full of children produces a lot of laundry.

I called the original company back to talk them “hey things are not right still.” They let me know if I pay my $700 charge from Monday they will come back out to check (Thursday).

I said so even if the clog wasn't solved you won’t check… nope.

I called the plumbers across the street. They said, “oh you used ‘that’ company, we will not work with you -call THEM back.” Initially screw off.

So I called the last company, I knew to call and results are still pending.

In a small town we should not be paying $700 for

after-hours plumbing. I have lived in several large cities and this is not the case. This is small town mark up which is not ok in a family community such as this. Ask your neighbors how many pleasant plumbing experience they (you) have had. I understand it is a need but, jacking up price due to accessibility is not ok. We as a community need to look out for one another. This is not a place for zealous prices in an economy where people are struggling especially in an emergency type call. That’s inhuman at best.

J. McMahon, Sidney


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