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Letter to the Editor

As a member of this town for 37 plus years, I have seen lots of businesses come and go within the city limits. Of which I can’t recall any of the names of them now, but being that as it may, it should not dampen that spirit of said reality of keep on keeping on. The buildings or stores are still there but alas, no longer do they hold the same feelings as years gone by.

My story involves another part of the current population. This you will not like one bit.  

I am a decorated Navy Vietnam veteran. I willingly gave 24 years of my life to sacrifice my time away from family and friends, so that I can or could achieve a good life style and bring back home some freedom in my life.

Jumping ahead to 2023, and at the County Fair, of which I heard or read a part of was to happen on Wednesday the 26th, I saw a part of history being laid out before me in which the VSO had set this up some time ago and so I being a very stout member of the Armed Forces, I decided to employ my right(s) as a member in good standing to show how proud I am of my service and uniform, so I broke out my working blues and found out that even after 30 plus years, they still would fit with a little bit of tugging and sucking my gut in, everything became good to go.  

I drove to the fair grounds and started to walk around the grounds with head held high and a smile on my face. After walking from one end to the other, which included going through the animal holdings and even taking some pictures, I was dismayed about the lack of anyone not even coming up to me and thanking me for my service. NOT ONE PERSON, even acknowledged I was there. It was like I was a clown, dressed up for no specific reason. The only time I was greeted was when I went to the military booths and greeted all and shook their hands. I continued to walk around and around, with no recognition of my duty to service. I left there totally dismayed, and so in doing so, I will not ever return to said place. My head hung low as I got into my car and drove away.

Randall Cornelius

Sidney, NE


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