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Kids' Korner and a day full of magic

SIDNEY - On the very special occasion of its 20th anniversary, Kids Korner, at the Community Center for Early Childhood Development, entertained the community of Sidney with several activities taking place in Legion Park on August 19th.

The celebration was open to the public and kids were able to play games, have their faces painted, and enjoy "Adamagic", a show that was brought in from Omaha.

The Sun-Telegraph noticed the excitement of the kids and visited with Adam Schacht, the magician who left all the audience breathless for an hour.

"Usually I introduce my last trick because when I went to Honduras, that's a country that never gets to experience snow as they're right next to the Equator, so I went for a mission trip and I brought some magic tricks with them, that trick is one of them, which is the confetti. Explaining that to them and letting them experience that and imagine it gave me chills because maybe they will never ever get to see snow, and that's the closest thing", said Adam Schacht.

"My acts are unique in the way they're tied together. I think that my opener is unique to any magician, no one else does that. When I travel I have to think how to do certain things", the magician told us.

When he was asked about what he thinks about his profession, he replied: "You don't choose it, the path chooses you. Anyone can do a magic trick, but what is magic to me is how you perform them, the energy you give them and the feedback you get from them. It's amazing to get to meet people and all the travel experiences. For those who are starting out, the thing is just to do it, do an event that is not paid and you can start getting customers from there".

Adam has been performing magic shows for over 17 years and has traveled to Honduras, Guatemala, Japan, Poland, Spain and Germany, just to mention a few.

Kids Korner succeeded in carrying out an entertaining event for the whole family, especially for the little ones, and will continue providing quality childcare to Sidney and its surrounding communities.


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