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I love Latin!

Once in a while us males have to show off our intelligence, just to prove that the main stream media is not as accurate (aka smart) as they would have us believe. So, here goes my attempt...

I attended Monroe High School in Fairbanks Alaska. It was, and still is run by the local Catholic Church. I graduated from the school way back in... well never mind! One of the courses we were required to take was 2 years of classic Latin (the language, not the style of music). Sister Lewis was my Latin teacher and she was good at it. Unfortunately without using it frequently through the years, I’ve forgotten a lot of what I had learned. But not all.

There are three Latin phrases that I still remember and lo! They sure can be applied to many of the things going on in today’s world in general, and specifically in the some what United States of America.

For example the Latin phrase “credo quia absurdum est” means “I believe it because it is absurd.” So much of what is coming out of the mouths of most members of our national government is instantly played by most of the national news(?) media as Gospel Truth. The President said, “blah, blah, blah... at a recent press conference. Boy! Did he definitely hit the nail on the head!” Unfortunately, what the President said (and especially his White House news gal said) makes absolutely no logical sense when applied to the problem he was supposedly addressing. Most of the time Biden’s statements are so illiterate they can be made to mean anything the left wing news media wants it to. I guess they really do think you and I are stupid.

Here’s another applicable Latin phrase: “ab asino lanam” which means something like getting wool from an ass (another name for a donkey or your not so favorite government rep). It was also rewritten sometime later to mean getting blood from a stone. Either way, this seems to be the way most liberal lawmakers and some conservatives in government think about hard working tax paying citizens. They think of you and I as donkeys whose main function in life is to pull their gold plated wagons down the road. After all, that is what uneducated serfs are for, isn’t it?

Here’s another of my favorite old Latin phrases: we are going to take it to the “ab absurdum.”

And the English translation is: “to the absurd.” Every time I hear President Biden, or his gal that ramrods the press meetings I think of this phrase. Both of them, along with so many of our elected officials and representatives seem to be under the impression that you and I are so stupid that they can obfuscate (look that one up!) their programs in such a way that you have to be a Sherlock Holmes to make sense out of them. Their plan is to make something extremely unpleasant (raising your taxes and lowering the worth of your take home pay) sound like the grandest and most wonderful thing in the world.

Keeping to the theme of this article I’m keeping it brevis et dulcis (short and sweet). Snicker.

It is time to cut through the baloney and tell the politicians we’ve had more than enough of their sour brat philosophies. Start serving us the straight truth and pay attention to what we (their bosses - after all we pay their salaries) want served. We voted them into office. We can vote them out!

Here’s a suggestion to put on the menu at the White House: The Straight Truth, with a side of Fiscal Responsibility. And that should also be served in the Senate and House of Representatives.

But don’t hold your breath.


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